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Bart Millard's Net Worth: Find All the Details of His Earnings and Wealth Here

Published Mon Apr 26 2021 By Bran
Bart Millard's Net Worth: Find All the Details of His Earnings and Wealth Here

Everything you need to know about the net worth and bank balance of Bart Millard in this article.

Bart Marshall Millard, aka Bart Millard, is one of America's finest singers who has been gracing the showbiz sector for the past twenty-seven years. The 48-year-old artist from Greenville, Texas, specializes in music genres like rock, Christian rock, and contemporary Christian.

Bart Millard was born on December 1, 1972, in Greenville, Texas. You would be surprised to know that the songwriter actually wanted to be a football player, but that dream misfired due to an injury in both his ankles. That was a blessing in disguise for the music community as the artist gave us some top albums like Hymned, No.1, and Hymned Again.

Bart Millard's Colossal Net Worth In 2021

Bart Millard caught on the camera singing.

Bart Millard owns a net worth of $5 million in 2021.
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When it comes to fortunes and finances, Bart Millard has absolutely nothing to worry about, thanks to his two-decade-long career as a rock singer. The MercyMe lead singer holds has a colossal net worth, and it is all due to his immense talents complemented with hard work. 

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Getting more into the specifics, Bart Millard amasses a whopping net worth of $2 million. Still, a lot to offer; there is no doubt on how his bank balance is further bound to grow in the days to come. The primary source of his earnings is from his album sales, associated with the hit label Fair Trade Services. Besides, he also makes a big chunk of wealth through concerts and gigs, which are in high demand.

Bart Millard poses for a picture in a photoshoot.

Bart Millard wanted to make a career in football before switching to music.
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Bart Millard has a diverse portfolio in the musical genre, which started solo when he started, thanks to a promise to his grandmother regarding record hymns album, which was the story behind 'Hymned No.1.' 

Bart Millard Path To Success

The road to the top for Bart Millard has been full of hard work, luck, and some climax, considering how he wanted to be a footballer. His musical journey started when he started working in a church youth group worship band. From that, he started out working well in the related field with close pals James Bryson and Michael Scheuzhzer. They moved to Oklahoma City and actually started their band, MercyMe. To this date, the band has released around six independent and nine studio albums.

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Millard also has several guest appearances in other albums, including Heaven & Earth, Love Came Through, and Cannons. Earlier in 2005, he also received the accolade of the best male vocalist by Christianity Today.

Bart Millard poses for a picture with his wife.

Bart Millard is a father of five children with his wife, Shannon.
Photo Source: Focus On Family


Bart Millard is quite fortunate to replicate his professional success in his personal life too. The singer is married to his beautiful wife named Shannon, and the pair share five children. They have named their kids Sam, Gracie, Charlie, Sophie, and Miles.

The year 2021 is action-packed for Bart Millard as MercyMe has several tours lined up.

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