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Ben Affleck's Net Worth Revealed. Get the Complete Details Here

Published Wed Dec 15 2021 By Tashipalmo
Ben Affleck's Net Worth Revealed. Get the Complete Details Here

Inside Ben Affleck's staggering net worth: Exclusive details here!   

Though the actor is mostly in the news for his turbulent relationships with his other-halves or former other-half, headlines on his stellar professional feat aren't rare either. Ben Affleck is a two-time Academy Award and three Golden-Globe-winning star. He is also an acclaimed film director, producer, and screenwriter.  

Benjamin G├ęza Affleck-Boldt, 49, is a native of Berkeley, California. His professional career started as early as when he was seven. Ben was involved in theatre acting throughout his childhood, and his biggest achievement as a child actor came with The Voyage of the Mimi in 1988. Today Affleck is one of the highest-paid actors, with some of the most high-profile projects under his belt.  

What is Ben Affleck's Net Worth? 

The versatile actor has been on the silver screen since 1981 and has starred in over 72 films. Affleck's massive net worth doesn't come as a shock with the notable filmography and several prestigious awards he boasts. As of 2021, the actor/filmmaker has an estimated net worth of $150 million. Celebrity Net worth states Ben's largest salary was a whopping $15 million for the 2003 movie Paycheck.   

Ben Affleck has an estimated net worth of $150 million.

Ben Affleck received $15 million for starring in 'Paycheck.' 
Photo Source: Golden Globes

Though the actor started working as a child, Ben says he didn't choose a career in acting to make money or venture into Hollywood. He says he "simply chanced upon acting and followed it." Ben co-wrote the 1997 blockbuster Good Will Hunting, grossing $225.9 million worldwide. 1998 film Armageddon established Ben as a viable leading star. Affleck went on to show his earnest flair in movies like Reindeer Games, Boiler Room, and Project Greenlight

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In the early 2000s, Affleck suffered a few dud films due to his "over-exposed image," but he made it back on the blockbuster list with Gone Baby Gone, his directorial debut. Affleck then co-wrote, produced, starred, and directed the 2010 crime thriller, The Town; it grossed $154 million. Ben's landed the biggest feat of his career was when he played Batman in 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.   

Ben Affleck was married to Jennifer Garner.

Affleck to reprise the role of Batman in the upcoming 'The Flash.' 
Photo Source: HD Walls

Affleck, who was once married to Jennifer Garner, boasts millions in real estate. In 2009, Ben and his now ex-wife Jennifer Garner bought $17.55 million for a home in LA's Pacific Palisades'; following their divorce, they sold the property to Marron 5 frontman Adam Levine for a whopping $32 million. Affleck currently resides in his $19.2million in Pacific Palisades.  

Ben Affleck's Upcoming projects!  

The upcoming erotic-psychological thriller, Deep Water, remains Ben's hotly-anticipated project. Directed by Adrian Lyne, the film was originally scheduled to be released on November 13, 2020. But the movie is now officially moved to Hulu. It will also be streamed on Amazon Prime. Also starring Ana de Armas and Tracy Letts, Deep Water hasn't received an official streaming release date.  

Deep Water will stream on Hulu.

'Deep Water' officially moved to Hulu. 
Photo Source: The Global Wise

Affleck's other approaching film, The Flash, is as anticipated as Deep Waters. The DC Comic superhero film will have Ezra Miller, the Flash, in the leading role, followed by Affleck playing Bruce Wayne/Batman. It will also star Michael Keaton and Sasha Calle. Recent news suggests Affleck is collaborating with Matt Damon on a new project. 

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