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'Big Bang Theory' Cast Shares Their Favorite Moments As They Bid Goodbye To Iconic Sitcom

Published Thu May 09 2019 By Eden
'Big Bang Theory' Cast Shares Their Favorite Moments As They Bid Goodbye To Iconic Sitcom

The final episode of The Big Bang Theory is almost here.

On May 16, the iconic CBS comedy 'The Big Bang Theory' will come to a close. Although the cast is understandably reluctant to spill the beans on how the series will wrap up, they've put much thought on how they will say goodbye.

Johnny Galecki told ET, "There's no manual. It's a very, very unique experience that we've all shared." Kaley Cuoco added, "So many people are a part of it too."

The actress continued, "There's so many different people and families and work-related and our families. It just goes so deep and so many people are connected to this show and so many fans. It's created its own little world."

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Melissa Rauch intends on remaining friends with all the casts, so it won't be the people she'll miss. "I know we're all bonded here together for life. It's not so much, 'I'm never going to see these people again,'" she shared.

"I think it's about missing the people in these circumstances, like huddling together before we go out for intros or laughing together in between scenes. That's what I'm sad about the most."

Our favorite characters went through a lot during this amazing ride, from weddings to babies to just learning how to talk to the opposite sex.

Kunal Nayyar joked, "When I spoke to Penny for the first time...  Well, permanently when my character started talking to women, that was pretty cool. That was big for me."

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Simon Helberg added, "Proposing to Bernadette would be a big one for me. Although he messed it up. I think, if I remember, he proposed right away, I believe, and she said, 'What are you doing?'"

Cuoco then confessed, "Oh gosh! What defines you in the last 12 years? It's not easy to answer."

"That is hard to answer because that's what I loved about the show... The relationships have been natural. It's all felt all realistic, even [Penny and Leonard's] relationship, how it's been on and off at times. It's felt really realistic to me."

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The actress who was yet to read the final script at the time of the interview was hoping the show's last episode would feature a big elevator moment.

As for fans who might not be pleased with the Big Bang's ending, Nayaar and Helberg offered their hilarious advice.

"Blame the writers! Really, we have nothing to do [with it]. We just show up and say the lines," Nayaar cracked. 

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"If it's great, we'll take credit. If it's bad, we will blame the writers," Helberg quipped. "I don't even know what it is yet, so in truth, we will blame or celebrate the writers depending on what they come up with. But [finales] are hard."

"I think only one character dies in the finale, yes?" Nayaar joked. 

Helberg added, "We go straight up to heaven [in the elevator]."

The Big Bang Theory's finale airs May 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.