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Brittani Borean Leach - Facts About the YouTuber Marriage, Child, Husband

Published Wed May 13 2020 By Chester
Brittani Borean Leach - Facts About the YouTuber Marriage, Child, Husband

Learn some intriguing facts of YouTuber Brittani Borean Leach.

Many of you might've noticed American YouTube star and social media influencer, Brittani Boren Leach, as an American youtube star and social media influencer. Borean is widely known for her family vlogs and humorous videos. 

Since Brittani has always brought smiles to our eyes with her fun content and has been part of social media life. But are we familiar with her personal life, some of her life tragedies? So in order to know the stuff here we bring you with some of the facts of younger YouTuber Brittani,

Wife of Renowned Footballer Jeff Leach Suffered a Miscarriage

Brittani Borean Family.

Brittani Borean Family.
Image Source: Instagram

Besides, she is noted for being the wife of the renowned footballer Jeff Leach. After dating and knowing each other for a while, the couple discovered that they vibed well and was perfect for each other. And subsequently, Brittani married Jeff Leach in October 2015. 

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Both the couple shares a blissful relationship with good mutual understanding and support each other in ups and downs. 

Shares Two Children and One Died!

Last picture of son Crew.

Last picture of son Crew.
Image Source: Instagram

From their blissful marriage, The couple shares two sons together. Sadly their third son Crew left the word at a young age and died at the infant age of 3 months on December 30, 2019. 

Brittani uploaded the last snap of son Crew on her Instagram which articulated a view from the hospital of Crew being admitted to a hospital. Nevertheless, the couple is soon to be parents of another baby in about 4 months from now. She is occasionally seen sharing the snaps on her Instagram page.

Jeff Leach shares a Daughter from a Previous LGBTQ Relationship!

Both husband and wife holds past failed marriage.

Both husband and wife hold past failed marriages.
Image Source: Instagram

Jeff Leach was married to a girl. However, the YouTuber has kept the details confidential from the media, it's the fact. However, it was way ahead she created her YouTube channel and met his soulmate, Jeff. They also had an adopted daughter named Sydney Leach. The reason behind their split is yet to be discovered.

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On the other hand, Jeff was also a married who later divorced his first wife in 2015, the same year he met Brittani.

We hope you enjoyed the facts, stay tuned with Glamour Fame to find more Celebrity Facts.