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What is Bruna Marquezine Husband Name? Here's What You Should Know

Published Sun Feb 14 2021 By Bran
What is Bruna Marquezine Husband Name? Here's What You Should Know

Is Neymar's ex-girlfriend Bruno Marquezine really married? Who is her husband?

Once you step into the showbiz sector as an actress of several television and films, there is immense fame and fortune that comes with it. Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine enjoys the privilege of all that ever since she started out young as a child actress. Her introduction wouldn't be incomplete without mentioning the fact that she was a child actor in the highly rated 2003 Brazilian telenovela, 'Women In Love.'

Brazil-born artist Bruna Marquezine has been winning several awards like 'Trofeu Imprensa' and 'Melhores do Ana.' Days after the 25-year-old 's video in a wedding went trending; her entire fanbase got shocked over who is her lucky husband. However, things are a lot deeper and twisted than what a video shows, and that's why we bring you to this article. 

Bruna Marquezine Is Not Married But Dating A Boyfriend

Bruno Marquezine poses a picture with her boyfriend Mauricio Destri.

Bruno Marquezine is currently dating an adorable boyfriend named Mauricio Destri.
Photo Source: Glamour Biz

It is no surprise that Bruna Marquezine is an aspiring young model cum actress in the Brazilian showbiz sector. Her immense success as an award-winning child actor decorated her resume so much that people started putting their interest into her lowkey love life. The 'Women In Love' actress began her career at a young age, where she performed in several commercials and later movies. There are millions of her followers who speculate the dashing personality to be married, but that is far from what the actual situation is.

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Bruna Marquezine might not be married, but she is definitely not single. You would be surprised to know how she is currently dating a cute boyfriend named Mauricio Destri. The pair have been seeing each other for four years now since they first started their affair in September 2015. While they started their romance back then, the two did go through several ups and downs in between. In fact, the pair went through a dispute and were on a break by 'October 2015.' Despite that, the love between them was big enough for them to patch things up.

Bruno Marquezine caught on camera while advertising for a brand.

Bruno Marquezine is the ex-girlfriend of footballer Neymar.
Photo Source: Instagram

Bruna Marquezine and her boyfriend have been displaying the PDA a lot more. Back in September 2015, she was spotted kissing on the first night of 'Rock in Rio.' Following the reconciliation of their divorce agreement, the love birds have been quite strong in their romantic pursuits, and its might just be a matter of time before they exchange their vows. Just for the record, they don't share any children yet.

Bruna Marquezine's Past Affairs Includes A Relationship With Neymar

As one of the finest models and actors in Brazil, Bruna Marquezine was the crush for many fine men. You would be intrigued to know how the list included revolutionary PSG soccer star Neymar was in a relationship with her. As per the reports, they dated one another from 2013 to 2014. Most recently, a video in Tik Tok got viral where both reputed figures were attending a wedding, which got many shocked about whether they are back together and got married. To get things clear, no, the two are nowhere near patching things up while Bruna is still happy with Destri, and the video was actually an old clip. Moreover, one of the vital reasons why she parted ways with Neymar was because of the cheating accusations on the former Barcelona winger.

Bruno Marquezine in a black dress poses a picture with Neymar.

Bruno Marquezine and Neymar broke up in 2014.
Photo Source: HITC

Bruno Maquelizine's list of high-profile affairs doesn't just end with Brazil's golden boy Neymar. Following her short stint with the footballer, he went on to see Marlon Teixeira. Unfortunately, like her previous date, that one also didn't work out longer than a year.

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