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BTS Named As Billboard’s 'The Greatest Pop Star Of 2020'

Published Tue Mar 09 2021 By Tashipalmo
BTS Named  As Billboard’s 'The Greatest Pop Star Of 2020'

BTS was named as Billboard'sThe Greatest pop star of 2020.' Find All details here!

It is a happy day for the ARMYs, (BTS Fanclub)as the South Korean boy band has been officially made it to Billboard's prestigious list of the "Greatest Pop Star of 2020" on March 6, 2021. 

In past years, the honorary list had included other legendary pop artists like Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Madonna, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga. Now, our favorite boy band has also graced the category.   

BTS for Grammys

BTS has officially been named "The Greatest Artist of the year 2020" by Billboard.  
Photo Source: Grammy

Billboard's executive assistant Mia took to Twitter to announce the BTS's latest milestone and applauded the Band for being the first Asian and non-English Artist to win the title. 

Mia expressed her appreciation for the boy band for being the first of its kind to amass such global recognition and for entering and excelling in the mainstream pop music that is predominantly reigned by American pop artists.   

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BTS was also given the title of "Entertainer of the year 2020" by Time and not to forget their record-breaking achievement last years when their album "map of the soul" and "Be "topped the Billboard 200 and their English single "Dynamite" won no 1 spot on Billboard hot 100 charts.  

BTS posing for a album cover

 BTS was named "Entertainer of the year 2020" by TIME.
Photo Source: Grammy

The group is also nominated for the Best duo/group performance category for Grammys and will be performing in the Grammy show that is set to air this weekend on Sunday.  

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With so many accomplishments only in a year, BTS has set the bar too high for any other pop artist, and taking a cue from their song; they really have lighted up the pop music like Dynamite. 

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