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Buzz Aldrin Net Worth: Exploring the Financial Galaxy of the Space Pioneer

Published Thu Oct 12 2023 By Bsgurung
Buzz Aldrin Net Worth: Exploring the Financial Galaxy of the Space Pioneer

Buzz Aldrin, born on January 20, 1930, is an American astronaut and one of the most iconic figures in space exploration history. He earned worldwide acclaim as the second person to walk on the Moon during NASA's historic Apollo 11 mission in 1969, following Neil Armstrong. 

Aldrin's lunar descent marked a pivotal moment in human achievement, captivating millions and solidifying his place in the annals of space exploration. Beyond his lunar exploits, Aldrin made valuable contributions to the space program, with a successful career in the Air Force and NASA. 

Buzz Aldrin's Net Worth in 2023

Buzz Aldrin, an American engineer, fighter pilot, and former astronaut, boasts a net worth of $12 million. He gained widespread recognition for his historic role as one of the first two individuals to set foot on the Moon, alongside Neil Armstrong in 1969. 

Buzz Aldrin net worth is $12 Million
Image: Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin in the fashion week. Source: In Style

Before this remarkable achievement, Aldrin engaged in combat missions during the Korean War and conducted three spacewalks as the pilot of Gemini 12 in 1966.

Following his departure from NASA in 1971, Aldrin assumed the position of Commandant at the US Air Force Test Pilot School. His estimated annual earnings exceed $350,000, reflecting his enduring influence and contributions to space exploration and aviation.

His Salary and Earnings

While risking his life in the pursuit of space exploration, Buzz Aldrin initially received a modest salary, as reported by the Boston Herald. 

His compensation in those early days amounted to approximately $18,623, encompassing base pay, quarter, subsistence allowance, and flight pay. 

However, by 2019, his income had substantially grown, reaching $129,598, signifying the increasing recognition and value attributed to his contributions to the field of space exploration.

Buzz Aldrin Homes

In 1998, Buzz Aldrin and his former wife, Lois, acquired a condominium in LA's Westwood neighborhood for $1.34 million.

Following their divorce, Buzz decided to sell the condo, listing it at a price of $3.3 million

Ultimately, in June 2014, the unit changed hands for $2.857 million, marking the transaction's final sale price.

Buzz Aldrin's Career Highlights

Buzz Aldrin's career began in the Air Force Space Division before NASA selected him as an astronaut in 1963. He piloted Gemini 12, showcasing astronauts' ability to work outside the spacecraft in orbit. 

On July 20, 1969, he and Neil Armstrong made history during Apollo 11 by walking on the moon. After leaving NASA in 1971, he became the Commandant of the US Air Force Test Pilot School, retiring in 1972. 

Post-retirement, he advocated for space exploration and proposed the Aldrin Cycler, an innovative spacecraft design aimed at conserving fuel.

His Movies and TV Shows

Buzz Aldrin expanded into the media realm with unique ventures. He collaborated with Snoop Dogg on a Rocket Experience rap single, adding a distinctive twist to his astronaut legacy. 

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong
Image: Buzz Aldrin with his astronaut friends. Source; Air and Space

Aldrin made his mark in the film industry with a role in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon." He also lent his voice to characters in "The Simpsons" and "Futurama" and made guest appearances on "The Big Bang Theory." 

Beyond his media endeavors, Aldrin is an accomplished author, with memoirs like "Return to Earth" (1973) and "Magnificent Desolation" (2009). His multifaceted presence extends to various films and TV shows, including "Dancing with the Stars" and "Miles from Tomorrowland."

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong in Apollo 11

Apollo 11, a monumental American spaceflight, made history by landing humans on the Moon in 1969. Commander Neil Armstrong and Lunar Module Pilot Buzz Aldrin descended to the lunar surface in the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle.

On July 20, 1969, Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the Moon, followed by Aldrin. They explored the site known as Tranquility Base, collecting lunar material. The mission, launched from Kennedy Space Center, marked the fifth crewed endeavor in NASA's Apollo program. 

After a three-day journey, the astronauts entered lunar orbit and successfully returned to Earth, solidifying U.S. spaceflight dominance and fulfilling President Kennedy's 1961 goal.

Awards and Recognition 

Buzz Aldrin, the distinguished astronaut, garnered numerous accolades and honors throughout his life. Notably, he received the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal in 1969 for his Apollo 11 mission. His remarkable contributions led to multiple awards, including the NASA Exceptional Service Medal and NASA Distinguished Service Medal. 

Aldrin was inducted into prestigious halls of fame, including the International Space Hall of Fame and the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. He was presented with the Langley Gold Medal for aviation during the 30th lunar landing anniversary and received the Congressional Gold Medal. 

In 2019, he was awarded the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication, and in 2023, Aldrin was promoted to brigadier general in the U.S. Air Force, honored as a Space Force guardian, and recognized as the "Guardian of the Galaxy."

Buzz Aldrin Has Over 1.5 Million Followers in Twitter

Buzz Aldrin enjoys a substantial following on social media platforms. He has 1.5 million Twitter followers and has shared approximately 4140 tweets. 

On Facebook, he boasts 850,000 fans. Notably, Aldrin is absent from Instagram. Additionally, he maintains a YouTube channel with 566 subscribers, further extending his digital presence.

Buzz Aldrin's Wives and Kids

Buzz Aldrin, aged 93, embarked on his fourth marriage in January 2023, tying the knot with Anca Faur, 63, in Los Angeles. His romantic history includes a marriage to Joan Archer in 1954, with whom he had three children: Janice, Andrew, and James. Unfortunately, the union ended in divorce in 1975. 

Buzz Aldrin wife
Image: Buzz Aldrin is happily married to his fourth wife. Source: Instagram

From this, he welcomed a grandson named Jeffrey Schuss through Janice. Buzz briefly dated Gina Lollobrigida in 1969 and Beverly Van Zile in 1973, but their relationship didn't last. 

In 1980-1981, he was linked to Grace Lee Whitney. In 1988, he married Lois Driggs Cannon, a relationship that lasted until 2012, sadly culminating with her passing in July 2018.

Divorce Settlements

In December 2012, their divorce was officially concluded. The settlement terms encompassed 50 percent of their joint $475,000 bank account and a monthly alimony of $9,500.

Additionally, Buzz Aldrin agreed to provide 30 percent of his yearly earnings, which exceeded $600,000, as part of the arrangement.

How Tall is Buzz Aldrin? 

Buzz Aldrin is a dashing figure, standing at 5 feet 10 inches in height and weighing 71 kilograms. He possesses fair skin, striking blue eyes, and distinguished gray hair. 

Specific measurements such as hips, waist, and chest sizes are not publicly available.

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