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‘Captain Marvel 2’ Set To Introduce The Next Gay Hero

Published Sun Sep 08 2019 By Travis
‘Captain Marvel 2’ Set To Introduce The Next Gay Hero

Captain Marvel 2 is said to be introducing a gay character in the upcoming movie.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to be friendly and open towards the LGBTQ community with few characters now revealed as being gay in the past or in upcoming movies. This new battle Marvel is fighting is a breath of fresh air in an industry where little was done to bring about inclusivity.

In the past comic book and especially blockbuster movies shied away from including gay people in the films for fear of boycott and some section of probable moviegoers not making the trip to see the film. When hundreds of millions of dollars are on the line, then people studio and the hierarchy want to make the movies as much risk-free as possible.

Marvel logo.
Marvel is fighting for inclusivity and tolerance in the upcoming Phase 4 and 5 movies.

Source: Wikipedia

Women were considered to be box office poison when it comes to leading huge budget movies, then the blame shifted to LGBTQ communities, but now there are more calls for inclusive casts, and finally, Hollywood is becoming friendlier towards the marginalized groups. By no means are they doing enough, but steps are moving in the right direction and at the forefront of all the studios is Marvel.

MCU is currently the most successful franchise in the history of cinema; the movies made by Marvel grossed a total of over $26 billion from only 23 films. It is over a billion-dollar average which is just unprecedented over such a long list of movies. So, at this point, Marvel can do almost anything, and people will come to see what is in store for the studio after the humongous success of Avengers: Endgame.

MCU lineup
MCU is the biggest movie franchise in the history of cinema.

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The studio it seems is going to be more inclusive moving into Phase 4; we’ve already seen the cast of Eternals who look drastically different than the first three phases of the MCU. The other thing about the Eternals is they will be introducing the first openly gay hero in the coming movie. Kevin Feige confirmed the reports and said he would be openly gay and with a family. But Eternals won’t be alone when it comes to LGBTQ representation; 'Captain Marvel 2' is also stepping in the game of inclusivity. 

According to We Got This Covered, one of the characters in the upcoming sequel for the blockbuster smash hit Captain Marvel will be gay. The website claims, Captain Marvel 2 will introduce 'Hulkling', and he will be gay like he is in the comics. They also claim the character will play a small role in the movie and then move on to the 'Young Avengers' series, which is rumored to be coming to Disney Plus.

Hulkling is not a child of Hulk, he is a 'Skrull' teenager who falls in love with Scarlet Witche’s son 'Wiccan' in the comics, and some are speculating the characters will be coming together in the Young Avengers series. Wiccan is also said to making his debut in the WandaVision show, none of this is confirmed, and the source is a trusted one which makes this an almost credible news.

Brie Larson once said she wants lesbian romance in her Captain Marvel movies and whether her character will be gay is neither confirmed nor denied by the directors of the writers of the films. We also got confirmation 'Valkyrie' will talk about her sexuality in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder with her saying she will be looking for a queen as the first order of business.

Considering the way the characters in the MCU are trending, it seems there are going to be more and more gay characters and inclusive cast members coming together to film the movies. We don’t mind any of it, inclusivity and care for someone other than yourself is always a beautiful thing.

Captain Marvel 2 is not slated for a release date yet; Kevin Feige mentioned the movie is currently in development but nothing concrete yet when it comes to the release date. Considering Brie Larson is training hard in the gym, it seems the announcement will happen any day now.