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The Eternals Confirms There Will Be An Openly Gay Character; "He's Married and Got A Family"

Published Tue Aug 27 2019 By Travis
The Eternals Confirms There Will Be An Openly Gay Character; "He's Married and Got A Family"

The Eternals are coming to the MCU and one of the character in the movie is going to be gay!

Marvel Cinematic Universe is different now, ever since the Endgame the whole franchise is in flux and the introduction of new characters will make or break the next phase of the MCU. During the San Diego Comic-con, Kevin Feige took to the stage and announced one of the most out-there characters with The Eternals. Most people don’t know of the Eternals, and they are not a fun bunch like say Guardians of the Galaxy.

So, Eternals and Marvel are doing to best to make the movie as representative and inclusive of turning more heads and turning the film into an event film to get as many people to the theatre as they can. The Eternals currently consists of one of the most diverse group of the cast we’ve ever seen in a Marvel movie, and now Marvel is saying one of the characters is gay in the film.

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Rumors were circling around The Eternals with people certain one of the character in the movie will be gay, and finally, Kevin Feige confirmed the rumor. In talks with Good Morning America, Kevin confirmed one of the characters would be gay in the movie. He said, “He’s married. He’s got a family. And that is just part of who he is.”

Feige said the character would be gay and “he” will be a family man, but he didn’t disclose who “he” was and we are left to guess. This is not the only gay character coming to the MCU in Phase 4, during comic-con we got confirmation Valkyrie will be gay. After Thor: Ragnarok came out we got confirmation from Tessa Thompson, the movie removed one of the scenes in the film which would’ve made it apparent she was a lesbian in the movie.

During the comic-con panel, Tessa was asked what is next for the character of Valkyrie in the movie, and she said the very first thing she is going to do is, “find a queen” which means they are not hiding the fact the character is gay anymore.

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It was confirmed Valkyrie would be the first openly gay character in the MCU but we’ve now seen Joe Russo play a gay character in the movie and The Eternals will arrive one year ahead of Thor: Love and Thunder which means the gay character in the movie will be the first openly gay character in the MCU.

As for who will play the role is still up in the air, we think Richard Madden’s character 'Ikaris' is the most likely candidate or so the internet thinks. Whatever the case, the family of the character seems to be playing an important role in the movie. At this moment, inclusivity is more necessary than who is first to the punch.

Richard Madden
Richard Madden's character Ikaris is rumored to be the gay character.

Source: Comic Beast

Eternals will be out on 6 November 2020, they also recently added Kit Harington to the diverse group of the cast. Whatever the case, the gay character will be revealed before the movie comes out, and this news is great for tolerance and inclusivity.