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Captain Marvel vs Thor - Who Is More Powerful?

Published Sun Aug 04 2019 By Travis
Captain Marvel vs Thor - Who Is More Powerful?

Who is powerful Captain Marvel or Thor? The directors of Endgame weigh in on the discussion.

The question of which superhero is the strongest isn’t something new to the comic book world, the discussion of which superhero would best the other one is something which is discussed in ad nauseam for over 40 decades. The comics-reading population wasn’t something which was a vast number back in the day, but still, the discussion was there. Now, since the comic books movies are the new normal, there are people both comic book and movies fans who want to get in on the discussion.

Captain America vs Iron Man in comics.
Heroes are seen battling in comics many time and it made the way to the theater. (Source: biocenit)

With Avengers: Endgame crossing Avatar to become the highest-grossing movie of all time, more and more people are getting in on the discussion. The globetrotting success of Marvel movies is something which is giving more fuel to the fire of the discussion about who is the strongest Avenger.

We know Thor is extremely strong and Captain Marvel is also beyond compare, but people with their own arguments are coming in with their thoughts on who is the most powerful between Captain Marvel and Thor.

Thor and Captain Marvel in Endgame.
Thor met Captain Marvel for the first time in Avengers: Endgame. (Source: Irish Examiner)

In Infinity War Thor arrived in Wakanda in one of the most epic shots in movie history then he started decimating the armies of Thanos. With the aid of Stormbreaker, he demolished ships and electrocuted many of the space dogs. In Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel did the same thing, she blew through the ship of Thanos in the movie when she made her late entrance during the final battle on earth. She also smashed through some ships in her own film so we know Captain Marvel is powerful and we’ve seen the angry power of Thor in both Ragnarok and Infinity War.

So, when two people are in the same universe and are extremely strong, there is going to be comparisons, and people are taking a side about who they think would best the other one in a fight. Well, you don’t need to think too hard in this one though because the directors of the movie weighed in on the battle. In the digital HD release of the film, Joe and Anthony Russo shared their thoughts on who they think is the stronger of the two.

It's interesting seeing the Avengers with Captain Marvel. I think that she dimensionalizes them in a really great way. Just from a pure power standpoint and what her abilities are. If you're talking about a collection of heroes, and you're gonna go face Thanos, who we believe still has the gauntlet. She is as powerful, if not more powerful than Thor, and you suddenly have hope again. Because they all know what happened at the end of the last movie, he walked through them like they were paper.

We saw in Endgame, Captain Marvel battling with Thanos, fighting him alone and almost melting him. Thanos needed the power stoned just to lose her grip and get her away from himself, Thor is powerful, but the level Captain Marvel is on is something which no Avengers can really match.

Watch: The battle between Thanos and Captain Marvel

People got their opinion when it comes to who they think is the best, but when the confirmation comes directly from the horse’s mouth, there is not much left for the sake of argument. So, there you go people, the directors of Endgame are literally saying there are no Avengers who match with Captain Marvel in pure strength basis, not even Thor, the god of thunder and it should tell you the level of indestructibility possessed by the newest members of the Avengers.