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Catherine Zeta-Jones Plastic Surgery - Complete History of Her Operations

Published Mon Jan 20 2020 By Kenshinpark
Catherine Zeta-Jones Plastic Surgery - Complete History of Her Operations

Catherine Zeta-Jones is an Academy Award-winning Welsh actress known for films such as 'Traffic' and 'Chicago.' She is married to actor Michael Douglas. The 50-year-old is known for her impeccable acting skills and youthful persona. 

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones rose to fame through such films as 'The Mask of Zorro' and 'Entrapment'. Her roots in dance and musical theater led to her Academy Award-winning turn in the big-screen adaptation of 'Chicago', as well as a Tony Award for her performance in 'A Little Night Music'. 

catherine wearing a purple strapless dress, smoky makeup

Catherine at BBC America TV Tea Party 
Source: celeb mafia 

Recently, her tight and taut face & little noticeable changes raised eyebrows as she was once again the center of plastic surgery speculations.

Did Catherine Zeta-Jones Get Plastic Surgery?

Catherine is known to have an ever-youthful and bright outlook, but the actor looks strikingly different with tight and taut raised eyebrows, and fans are speculating she's undergone cosmetic surgery. 

There are a lot of actors in Hollywood whose looks have changed over the years with plastic surgery. To maintain the 'frozen in time' look. The 48-year-old actress posted a string of photos on social media where she appears to have an ageless appearance and fuller lips. 

left: catherine in a red dress in the year 2007 right: catherine now on the red carpet

Catherine Before and After surgery 
Source: famous plastic surgeries  

Worried fans have left comments quizzing the star on her changing appearance, asking 'what happened to your face?' Fans continued to post comments about her changing looks, with some accusing her of having Botox and plastic surgery. 

A fan wrote: 'What happened to your face, Catherine?'

Second one posted: 'Yet another celebrity with too much money. Catherine did not need plastic surgery, and now she has had so much she is hardly recognizable.' 

The Sun story reported that Zeta-Jones, who's just 31, underwent eye-lift surgery. However, Yorke said, she would have at least displayed physical evidence while she was healing.

Watch: Catherine Zeta-Jones Before and after surgery

The mother-of-two denied going under the knife to maintain her youthful glow but said she wouldn't rule it out in the future.

What Is the Secret to Her Youthful Look?

"But I'm not anti-plastic surgery at all. Contrary to public opinion, I have not been under the knife yet, is what I say! If I feel like it, I'm going to go ahead and do it," she told Good Housekeeping.
"If (surgery) makes you feel better, who am I to tell someone that it's wrong."

catherine with curled up hair, white tank top red lip and smoky eyes back in the 90s

Young Catherine Zeta Jones
Source: Pinterest 

The actor credits a healthy diet and exercise for her youthful appearance. She says, "The real hydration comes from within. You can never drink too much water. No diet sodas. I feel it's healthy for a body to sweat every day. I run on my treadmill or power walk outside."

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Catherine Zeta-Jones continues to defy time and logic with her wrinkle-free face. She looked insanely fit and healthy at the Golden Globes awards of 2019. She has refused to confirm reports that she has undergone any cosmetic surgical procedures. 

catherine in the 90s awards show in a red strapless gown. right: catherine in a black deep neck gown

Catherine Jones's Plastic Surgery Speculations 
Source: plastic surgery777

However, when we see her photos through the years, we get to know that Catherine has got a lot of changes in her appearance. She is about 40 years old now and has two kids. 

Surprisingly, a mom to two kids has flawless skin. We get to know that Catherine has got a lot of changes in her appearance. One of the noticeable changes is the smooth reddish face, which may be a result of using Botox on the front. 

catherine with husband michale douglas and her two kids

Catherine with her family in Son Dylan's Graduation 
Source: hello magazine 

Her wrinkle-free shining face plumped cheeks, lips, change in her breast size can be seen while comparing the before and after pictures. 

catherine in a purple gown looking up

Catherine Zeta-Jones for The Sunday Times Magazine 
Source: Twitter 

While most people around her age cannot fight the signs of aging, Jones is still very youthful and doesn't look her age. It might be her way of living, keeping her the way she is, or it might be plastic surgery, which she doesn't want to admit. 

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