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home Lifestyle Charlotte Crosby And Joshua Ritchie Move Into A New £450k Five-Bedroom Property In Bolton

Charlotte Crosby And Joshua Ritchie Move Into A New £450k Five-Bedroom Property In Bolton

Published Sun Aug 25 2019 By Chester
Charlotte Crosby And Joshua Ritchie Move Into A New £450k Five-Bedroom Property In Bolton

The Charlotte Show stars Charlotte Crosby, and Joshua Ritchie moved into a lavish five-bedroom property.

The sensational MTV stars Charlotte Crosby and Joshua Ritchie bought the studded apartment for £450,000 located on a quiet residential area.

Soon as the head over heel lovers met back in 2017, the cupids have been going stronger and happier. The lovey-dovey's new house is located at the beautiful and nature blessed city Bolton at Atlanta, USA.

The stunning house contains five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a separate downstairs and a double garage. Without unveiling you many details, let's have a short trip shall we,

Charlotte Crosby Thanks MTV!

The 29-year-old Charlotte celebrated the purchase throwing a launch party sprawling MTV. Well, the down to earth reality stars didn't shy to express her key base and supporting production MTV for all she has now.

Spiral Staircase


The Sunderland house features a gorgeous spiral staircase. The couple is going to have a sound peace, away from the lights and camera. As the lovebirds often head outside the city for refreshments breaks to blissful areas.

Bed Room

One of Charlotte and Joshua's bedroom; the peaceful bedroom features white themed walls and beige carpets.

Ultra Modern Kitchen

Build and use the 21st-century smart kitchen. The ultra-modern kitchen is something anyone will desire with white fittings and black worktops. Living the life of riches, the new house shares similar designs to Keanu Reeves' $5 million mansion at Hollywood Hills


One of the Richie-rich couple bathrooms features a walk-in shower with bright white suite.


The beautiful garden looks mesmerizing with plenty of things which can be used for various healthy activities and ceremonies like Get together party, Yoga and a lot of other cool stuff.

Charlotte Crosby's Other £1 million mansion in Sunderland

SOURCE: Celebnetworth

According to Celebritynetworth Charlotte holds a staggering net worth of £4 million and her other part Joshua, 25 also holds an envying fortune of £3 million. Besides both, the couple accumulates good greens from The Charlotte Show star, Just Tattoo of Us and others.

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