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What Is Keanu Reeves Net Worth? Learn The Details Of The Hollywood Star's Cars, House, Salary, Earnings!

Published Mon Jun 03 2019 By Chester
What Is Keanu Reeves Net Worth? Learn The Details Of The Hollywood Star's Cars, House, Salary, Earnings!

Learn the details of the Hollywood Star Keanu Reeves's envying Cars, House, Salary, Earnings! 

The Canadian-American actor, director, and musician star Keanu Reeves best known for some of his exceptional roles in astonishing movies, 'Point Break', 'Speed', 'The Devil's Advocate' to the recent 'John Wick 'has made a fine amount of net worth through his career in the Hollywood Industry.

The magnificent star Keanu has delivered us some of the best movies throughout his three-decades-long career. Besides his successful movie career, you might be wondering about Keanu Reeves net worth, isn't it?

The Megastar Keanu Reeves

Well in today article we have come up with all the details regarding the leading Hollywood star Reeves' bands of dollars collection.

Keanu Reeves net worth and Career

Well, the astonishing star holds a staggering net worth of $365 million which is recently boosted by his recent super hit film 'John Wick 3'. He is counted as one of the successful and richest actors in the world. 

Besides his acting career, the multi-talented actor is also a director, producer, and musician. He has been in the industry giving hit by a hit for almost 3 decades of now. 

Some of his direct movies include 'Man of Tai Chi', '47 Ronin' and produced 17 movies till ate. So maybe making lots of bands from the move.

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The star, moreover, has credited 12 wins & 22 nominations throughout his career as a movie star. 

Keanu Reeves Movies and Incomes

Throughout his movie career, the actor has credited more than 100 movies including television shows.

The versatile star is without a doubt one of the iconic sensation living in the current era. His dynamic acting is unquestionably rare as the actor has proven it with versatilities in different genres of movies like action, romantic, martial arts, sci-fi and various other genre's.

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We have come up with some of the best movies with its box collection Keanu which are,


Released in 1989, the movie is another hit movie that marks itself in the $100 million club blockbuster hit movies.


Speed is another successful Hollywood classic film which was released back in 1994. The action-packed movie features some of the best Hollywood actors like Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Daniels, Keanu Reeves, Keanu Reeves. The movie accumulated a whopping net worth of $121 million.

The Matrix

The first series from the Blockbuster hit Sci-fi movie released in 1999. One of the best movies which have 28 Awards for its Unique Virtual Reality concept and storytelling. The movie accumulated a whopping net worth of $463 million plus.

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The movie is also entitled as a Hollywood classic in the sci-fi genre.

The Matrix Reloaded

The movie is regarded as one of the most successful movies throughout Keanu career in the filmography and Matrix series. The movie was released back in 2003 and collected an International Box Office collection of $742 million.

The Matrix Revolutions

This was the third and final chapter of the Fantasy/Mystery movie released in 2003. The movie accumulated a net worth of $427million.

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The action-packed movie features Dennis HopperJoe Morton, Sandra Bullock, and Jeff Daniels. The movie marked an impressive performance on the box office with a staggering collection of $121 million

John Wick Sequels

This is one of the recent blockbuster hit movies by the Reeves. The movie proved that the star is still holding strong and proved himself as the iconic star of Hollywood. Well, the movie has a total of three sequels such as John Wick (2014) $35,689,484, John Wick: Chapter two $76,235,001 and the recent Joh Wick: Chapter 3 with a whopping net worth of $221,652,812.

Besides the above-mentioned movies, the star has other numerous hit movies which have also help the superstar to pile up millions in his collection.

Keanu Reeves' Salary

The 54-years-old stars still receive millions of greens from some of his A listed movies. Check out his salary details from some of his high grossed movies.

Johnny Mnemonic (1995)$2,000,000
Youngblood (1986)$3,000
Speed (1994)$1,200,000
The Matrix Reloaded$15,000,000 + 15% of the gross
The Matrix Revolutions (2003)$15,000,000 + 15% of the gross
The Matrix (1999)$10,000,000 + 10% of the gross
The Replacements (2000)$12,500,000

Keanu Reeves Star's Cars, House

The star owns his own motorcycle company called 'Arch' Motorcycles. The star sells a custom made motorcycle which is, in fact, supercooled and stylish. 

The company has produced a bike called KRGT-1 costing around $78,000. 
SOURCE: Hit berry

The automobile company has other two models such as method 143 and 1S.

SOURCE: Hot cars

Both the bikes are influenced by sporty looks and power performance with V-Twin 2032cc and S&S Cycle engine in first and 2343cc S&S on second.

SOURCE: Hot cars

Keanu Reeves took out a Ducati Diavel for a test drive while he was doing an interview with GQ in 2011. They met near Chertsey at the Chobham Test Track, while Reeves was around London for three months filming 47 Ronin.

SOURCE: Hot cars

Keanu Reeves took out a Ducati Diavel which costs around $19,995 with a powerful 159 hp (117 kW) and 1129 Nm Torque engine.

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He owns at least two Norton Commando motorcycles whose engines were available in both 750cc and 850cc capacities, the high-compression version being the Combat Commando.


The star owns a black Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, the classic Type 993 model which features a sunroof and a manual transmission. Whereas the bike is  KRGT-1 which we mentioned earlier.

Let's talk about the star property and lifestyle. Well, the actor obviously lives a Richy-rich life which we can assume from the above articles.

Keanu Reeves home in Hollywood Hills
SOURCE: Fortune

The star currently resides in a $5 million Manson at Hollywood Hills neighboring to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Besides his love and passion for bikes, the actor is also passionate and enthusiast for fast rides. The actor has a sexy red sports car.


Ferrari LaFerrari
SOURCE: Hot cars

The actors own the model of the highest performance road cars Ferrari has ever produced. The car features the capacity of 6.3-liter V12 with a 161 horsepower hybrid system. The beast costs around $272,700.

SOURCE: Hot cars

The star owns a classic Ford Mustang which may be one of the best vintage collection in his marvelous cars collection.

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Well besides the above mentioned 'Rich Toys', the star owns several other properties and cars which the star has not shared in social media. Hope you guys enjoyed the article. Stay tuned and connected.