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What Is David Rubulotta's Net Worth? Find Out His Sources Of Income And Earnings!

Published Thu Apr 25 2019 By Chester
What Is David Rubulotta's Net Worth? Find Out His Sources Of Income And Earnings!

Many of you might be wondering and curious about a prominent and successful American businessman and stockbroker David Rubulotta's staggering net worth and his source of income. Well, we have got you all the information with details.

Let's start with a brief introduction about the business tycoon and MD of high yield sales of Citibank.

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Since his early life, Rubulotta was a sharp and brilliant student who was selected to work with Lehman Brothers, a global financial services firm which was the fourth-largest investment bank in the United States before filing for bankruptcy in 2008.

So let's discuss Rubulotta's salary, sources of income, earning and staggering net worth.

How much is David Rubulotta's Salary And Earnings?

The 45-years-old stock intercessor accumulated all of his net worth from his career as a stockbroker and a hefty income from his high-level position as a managing director of a multinational investment bank financial service company 'Citigroup'.

David Rubulotta initially worked as a global financial services firm 'Leham Brother'.
SOURCE: Marrieddivorce

According to Payscale, the average salary of a Citibank employee is around $85 thousand where David annual income is estimated at around $3 million reviewing his high-class job position. 

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The business tycoon also acquires a fine revenue from his career as stockbroker which David tends to set quiet confidential to media and sources, however, we have found some of his properties which are discussed in the below segment.

So, what about David Rubulotta Assets And Net Worth!

David owns a luxurious home in New Jersey worth $2 million where the cost of average houses starts from $737,990. Additionally, an apartment in Upper west side of the central park estimated around $50,000.

Financier David Rubulotta and leading news anchor walked down the aisle in 2012.

Besides that, he relishes a net worth of $16 million including revenues garnered by his wife Erin Burnett who currently runs her own show on CNN anchor of her own show Erin Burnett OutFront.

Previously Burnett worked on reputed media channels such as CNBC as co-anchor of Squawk. Currently, Erin is earning a hefty amount of income of around $6 million from her show.

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So, summing up all his properties, high-end salary incomes, investments and including the astonishing salary of his wife Erin, David Rubulotta's accumulates a whopping fortune of a $16 million.