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Chase Rice Under Fire For Holding A Concert In Tennessee

Published Mon Jun 29 2020 By Kenshinpark
Chase Rice Under Fire For Holding A Concert In Tennessee

Chase Rice angered people for holding a concert in Tennessee amid coronavirus pandemic.

Chase Rice, a country music singer, songwriter, and reality television personality, hosted a concert in Tennessee, but it seems people are not happy with the singer following his show concluded.

According to the reports, the reason for their anger is rooted in people during the concert not wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, all that during when many states across the country see a growth spike in coronavirus cases.

The concert was held on Saturday, following Rice's multiple videos and posts for promotion on his Instagram account. Things wouldn't have gone South for the singer if it was adequately coordinated and managed by the event team.

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But fans were seen not wearing masks and not maintaining social distancing amongst the crowd, as if it was some regular days, not during a pandemic. But the event didn't follow any of the safety guidelines.

Social media is flooded with backlashes for the singer holding concert. Fans are tagging him as 'Selfish' for the event at this dire time of the year. 

As one Twitter wrote, "Imagine being selfish enough to put thousands of people's health at risk."

Another user wrote, "Chase Rice just played a concert to an enormous crowd of unmasked fans here in Tennessee. For once, I am at a loss for words."

The next user wrote. "A live performance with a crowd at this time is absolutely irresponsible and ignorant of you [Chase Rice]. Just horrible!"

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