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Florence Pugh Apologizes For Her Past 'Cultural Appropriation'

Published Sun Jun 28 2020 By Kenshinpark
Florence Pugh Apologizes For Her Past 'Cultural Appropriation'

Florence Pugh apologized for her past 'Cultural Appropriation' instances.

Florence Pugh, the actress for her role on Lady Macbeth, apologized for her past 'cultural appropriation.' The actress took to her social media to confess and apologize for her past action.

Taking to her Instagram account, Florence, 24, shared a rather lengthy statement on Instagram on Friday. She stressed in the wake of BLM movement, donating to causes and sharing pictures is not enough.

The actress said, "The last four weeks have been huge. The world is trying to make a change, and I'm learning a tidal wave of information that frankly was always there, but I was unaware of it. I've tried my best to post, learn, pass what I've learned on to others, and of course, echo the voices of those who don't have a platform."

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The actress revealed she first heard the word 'Cultural Appropriation' when she was 18 as her friend, Holly, who was a year younger than her, explained about the cultural appropriation and told the history and heartbreak over how when Black girls were mocked for having braids in school and were not allowed to have it by any others.

Florence Pugh apologized for her cultural appropriation.

Florence apologized for her past instances of "Cultural Appropriation."
Photo Source: Florence's Instagram

The actress explained all of them was true; she said, "I was defensive and confused, white fragility coming out plain and simple. I didn't want to upset anyone and was perplexed as to how I hadn't heard this term before."

Then Florence touches the topic of Indian culture and mentions how she feel sorry for not being "respectful" in how she was using it. She wore this culture on her terms only, to parties, at dinner. She added, "I too was disrespecting the beauty of the religion that had been taught to me those years ago."

The actress further stressed she feel ashamed for using Rastafarian printed beanie, braided her hair, and uploaded the picture of her with that get up on her social profile with caption "Boombastic,' the lyrics to Shaggy's songs.

Lastly, the actress apologized for all the actions in the past, saying, "I grew up watching my high school profile pop culture idols adopting cultures in similar ways, so I didn't think wrong of doing it too." 

Florence added, "I am truly sorry to all of you that were offended for years or even just recently. I cannot dismiss the actions I bought into years ago, but I believe that we who were blind to such things must acknowledge them and recognize them as our faults, our ignorance, and our white privilege, and I apologize profusely that it took this long."

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