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Check Out The Best Michael Kors Smart Watches

Published Sun Jun 09 2019 By Jessica
Check Out The Best Michael Kors Smart Watches

The best Michael Kors Smart Watches the brand's fans shall need to know.

In the past several years' the world witnessed that people grow more fond of smartwatches not just for their advanced way of telling time but the unique features that make you play music, answer calls, receives notifications and many other.

When it comes to buying smartwatches, two brands' names surely comes to everyone minds in the market and they are obviously Samsung and Apple

Apart from these two companies, the smartwatches business witnessed other more successful names in the competition including Michael Kors.

In the recent time in a world of Samsung and Apple's smartwatches, Michael Kors did a great invention with creating and bringing their own version of smartwatches.

SOURCE: Pocket-lint

Since launching their smartwatches, the brand has earned tons of appreciation and recognition from their customers. 

It's a must say that MK did excellent with marking their impression on the market. Their smartwatches are no ordinary smartwatches that include the same basic features as any other smartwatches, but there's more to it that makes them outstanding from the other brands such as their long durability, attractive outlook, display and many more.

So, what are the best Michael Kors watches? Know them below especially if you're a true and loyal customer of the company.

MICHAEL KORS' Sofie Heart Rate Gold-Tone Smartwatch ($350)

SOURCE: Michael Kors.

The 'Sofie Heart Rate Gold-Tone Smartwatch' is probably the most stylish smartwatch by Michael Kors. One of its most well-liked specialties is that these watches are compatible with both Apple and Andriod phones. Apart from the features that include text/email alerts, heart rate tracking, GPS distance tracking, etc. what we love the most about it is the black sparkling background that perfectly mixes around the gold tone of the watches.

FYI, there's a likewise version in silver color too.

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MICHAEL KORS' Runway Heart Rate Black-Tone and Silicone Smartwatch ($229)

SOURCE: Michael Kors

There was no way the list would miss mentioning most's personal favorite smartwatch by the brand which is none other than the 'Runway Heart Rate Black-Tone and Silicone Smartwatch'. With its enrichment in mix matte color to the whole design in general, this smartwatch certainly will look great on any kind of wrists.

MICHAEL KORS' Runway Heart Rate Black-Tone and Silicone Smartwatch ($229)

SOURCE: Michael Kors

The 'Runway Heart Rate Black-Tone and Silicone Smartwatch' by Michael Kors for men equally looks both classy and casual. This genuinely attractive smartwatch consists of features like black-tone stainless steel, payment technology, social media updates, and other multi-function.

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MICHAEL KORS' Runway Heart Rate Gold-Tone and Silicone Smartwatch ($229)

SOURCE: Michael Kors

Another Michael Kors' best smartwatch for men absolutely can be named the 'Runway Heart Rate Gold-Tone and Silicone Smartwatch'. Combined with gold and silicone stainless steel, this smartwatch also features identical design to female's Runway Heart Rate Black-Tone and Silicone Smartwatch. Other features include text/email alerts, apps notification, payment tech, and water resistance.

All of the products are available to purchase on the official sites of Michael Kors at the mentioned price.