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Check Out The Hottest Instagram Pics of The Day; Friday, 5th April

Published Fri Apr 05 2019 By Andrew
Check Out The Hottest Instagram Pics of The Day; Friday, 5th April

As the hot days are upon us, Instagram is also affected. As a result, the hotness is off the charts and we bring you some of the ingredients that are adding up to the summertime.

So let's wait no more and jump right in. 

10. Nicole Thorne

Stretch it!

The luscious beauty earns the 10th spot on our list with her perfect beach look showcasing her sizzling body.

9. Victoria Xavier

Pinkish charm!

Xavier is a widely acclaimed model based in the USA and believes in making herself proud.

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8. Isabella Marina Cuneo

Smiling with nature.

The model originally from Peru is now based in Miami and stealing hearts over town with her good looks.

7. Alexis Clark

The serene blue!

The model in blue makes it to the 7th spot on our list. The beauty based in Miami is also an influencer.

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6. Natalia Garibotto

Chilling by the bar!

The model at the 4th spot on our list is a ravishing beauty who calls Miami her home.

5. Judith Catalina

Red hot alert!

The successful model and entrepreneur who resides on the 5th position of our list is a travel enthusiast as well.

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4. Marie Madeleine

Sizzling looks at the beach!

Influencer and content creator Marie Madeleine makes it to the 4th spot on our list. She loves to spend her summertime chilling by the beach. 

3. Genesis Lopez

Flick that luscious hair.

The beauty holding the 3rd position on our list believes you shouldn't let anybody dim your sparkle.

2. Layna

Sweet ink on that scorching hot body.

The sizzling Canadian model reigns the 2nd spot on our list with her astounding tattoos.

1. Salina Alubb

Girl, you've got that wow factor!

The lady gracefully laying on the bed is the chart-topper for the day with her bewitching physical attributes.

Hold on to your horses for the yet another rendition of the hotness-packed countdown.