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Christian Sloan is a New Cast in the Drama Series 'See' - A Look Back at His Career So Far!

Published Tue Sep 24 2019 By Travis
Christian Sloan is a New Cast in the Drama Series 'See' - A Look Back at His Career So Far!

We are only a month and a few days removed from the debut of the 'SEE,' a series which is going to set the tone for Apple TV+ while it navigates the treacherous waters of the upcoming streaming war. Apple is definitely the cheapest service out of the bunch, but it is also not from a movie-making background which makes the entire endeavor extremely risky.

The series is going to cost the production company north of $150 million, which is why they are making sure top-notch people are gathered to play the characters in the show. One of the supporting performers in the upcoming show is the veteran actor Christian Sloan who is one credit shy of reaching 50 appearances in movies and TV shows in his career.

Christian Sloan
Christian Sloan is working in movies and TV shows for almost 14 years.

Source: Fandom

It is probably already clear why he was hired; the actor knows how to plug himself into a role and bring out the best possible version of the character to the forefront. Though not a starrer, he’s been part of great productions and expensive movies, but one of the biggest roles of his career is going to be in SEE.

Christian is Playing a Character in the First Season of SEE

SEE trailer image of Jason Mamoa with a Cleaver.

The reason we are saying this is one of the biggest roles of his career and then writing he is playing an unspecified role in the series is because the actor is set to appear in seven episodes of the series which means he is going to get some well-deserved screen time. In a series like this, being able to appear in seven out of 10 episodes goes a long way in making your resume, which is already respectful, even more commendable.

There is already a star-studded lineup when it comes to the cast of the series, led by Jason Mamoa with Alfre Woodard also playing a considerable role. The series is centered on the birth of two kids who are the first in centuries to be born with the ability to see. Queen Kane, played by the talented actress Sylvia Hoeks, believes God took the power of sight to protect the land, and it should not be allowed to turn. This poses the conflict between the two groups of people and sets up what is going to an epic battle.

Watch: The first trailer for the first season of SEE on Apple TV+

Considering the types of characters Christian’s played over the years, we are expecting the actor to play an antagonist but with no character name and image to confirm his involvement in either faction, it is only a guess at this point.

A Look at His Career in TV

Christian Sloan in Riverdale

The first appearance of the actor in front of the camera was in a TV series where he was hired to play a character of 'Theo' in the short-lived 'Blade: The Series.' The trend of appearing in one movie is going to appear all throughout his TV career with the actor only getting cast in disposable or filler roles with no specified name to go by.

'Stargate: Atlantis,' 'Smallville,' 'Fringe,' 'Supernatural,' 'Arrow,' 'Altered Carbon,' all huge productions and long lasting TV shows but Christian was never able to appear in more than one episode of these series. This is also not to say he never appeared in more than one series, 'Riese' was his first multiple role appearance on TV.

Christian Sloan in Hell on Wheels.
Christian Sloan appeared in a few episodes of Hell on Wheels.

Then along came 'Om Sweet Om' where he was the leading man and appeared in all eight episodes, but the show never came back after the first season. 'Hell on Wheels' was another series where he joined in the middle of the fourth season and played in four episodes. Another four-episode gig came in the form of a character in the hit CW show The 100. 'Dirk Gently' and 'Riverdale' roles were also equally short-lived before he moved in to act in the series 'This Blows' where again he was a leading man and again the show never returned for a second season.

This all leads to the actor getting the role of ‘Holt’ in 'Critters: A New Binge' where he appeared in seven episodes and all of this led to the actor getting cast in 'SEE.'

Christian’s Career in the Movies

Christian Sloan

The first appearance in a motion picture for the actor came in the form of the remake of 'Black Christmas' which was derided by critics and didn’t do well at the box office. The biggest call to fame for the actor is his involvement in the critically panned franchise 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1' where he was a stand-in performer but still managed to get in the huge production.

Another giant production the actor was part of was in 'Warcraft: The Beginning,' the movie was a flop in America, but China saved the production company’s blushes with a massive performance in the mainland. The same year he was involved in the semi-hit 'Star Trek Beyond' and also the ginormous flop 'Monster Truck.'

Watch: The trailer for Monster Truck

While working for an established production company, he also got involved with the streaming people and got a major role in Netflix’s adaptation of 'Death Note.' Bunch of TV movies after the time with Netflix, also, a TV movie from the actor is releasing today called 'The Dating List.'

Not a huge career to speak of like you’ve seen, a handful of significant roles coupled with a bunch of throwaway characters. Still, the actor was able to manage a career in the field of movie and TV show making, which is respectable. We hope his character in 'SEE' isn’t a throwaway one; also, it would be a bummer if it were the case.

Christian Sloan
Christian Sloan will appear in seven episodes of SEE..

Source: Fandom

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