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Cierra Wight: Her Journey as WWE Star Big Show's Eldest Daughter!

Published Mon Aug 14 2023 By Bsgurung
Cierra Wight: Her Journey as WWE Star Big Show's Eldest Daughter!

Cierra Wight emerges as a burgeoning personality, steadily ascending the realms of fame, thanks to the illustrious legacy of her father, Paul Donald Wight II, renowned as "Big Show" in the world of WWE, a distinguished wrestler and world champion. Positioned as a celebrity offspring, Cierra garners attention and popularity through her familial connection. 

As the eldest daughter of her parents, she steps into the spotlight, her identity intertwined with her father's iconic stage name, Big Show. With each passing day, Cierra's prominence continues to flourish, a testament to the enduring influence of her father's remarkable journey.

Is Big Show's Daughter, Cierra Wight Dating Anyone? 

Despite her introverted nature and preference for maintaining a private personal life, Cierra Wight finds solace and joy in exploring new destinations. While she cherishes the adventure of discovering unfamiliar places, her romantic status leans towards singularity at the present moment.

Cierra Wight daughter of Big Show
Image: The beautiful daughter of Big Show, Cierra Wight. Source: Instagram

Furthermore, Cierra's relational history remains veiled, devoid of any information concerning past entanglements or partnerships. Her relationship status remains unblemished and untarnished, exemplifying a clean slate in matters of the heart.

Why Did Cierra Wight's Parents Divorce? 

Cierra Wight, the daughter of the legendary wrestler 'Big Show,' is a product of the union between her father, a seven-time World champion, and his ex-wife, Melissa Ann Piavis. The pair exchanged vows on the romantic date of 14th February 1997, but their marital journey proved to be short-lived. 

The couple's separation unfolded in the year 2000, culminating in an official divorce granted on the 6th of February 2002. While the specifics of their parting remain shrouded in mystery, Paul, often hailed as the "World's Largest Athlete," garnered accolades and a unique place in wrestling history. 

His remarkable achievements include holding the titles of World Heavyweight, ECW World, WWE, and WCW World champion, a distinction that cements his legacy as an iconic figure within the wrestling domain.

Know About Cierra Wight's Siblings

Cierra Wight shares a familial bond with two half-siblings from her father's subsequent marriage to Bess Katramados. Welcoming a new chapter of kinship, Cierra's half-brothers, Jett and Cash Wight, entered her life.

Cierra Wight siblings
Image: Cierra Wight with her father and siblings. Source: TV Junkies

Jett, the elder of the two, made his entrance on June 19, 2007, while Cash followed suit, arriving on December 8, 2010. Through these sibling connections, Cierra's family tapestry is enriched, weaving a fabric of shared experiences and connections that transcend the bounds of mere relations.

Is Cierra Wight in TV Shows

Cierra Wight's presence has yet to grace television screens, as her current focus centers on her educational journey at the University of West Florida. While her father, Paul Wight, has made notable appearances in diverse TV shows and films like "The Waterboy," "Jingle All the Way," and "CSI: Miami," Cierra dedicates her time to scholastic pursuits and individual development.

While the prospect of a future in the entertainment industry remains a possibility for Cierra, her immediate priorities lie in nurturing her intellect and personal maturation. As she traverses her educational path, Cierra's potential path in the realm of entertainment awaits, while she steadfastly dedicates herself to academic enrichment and self-discovery.

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Know About Cierra Wight's Net Worth

As of the year 2023, Cierra Wight's estimated net worth stands at $300,000. Despite some perceptions that her wealth might extend into the millions, this notion is far from accurate, given her lack of significant income sources.

It's essential to consider the reality that amassing a million-dollar fortune without a dedicated profession is a challenging feat. Cierra's focus remains steadfastly directed toward her pursuit of higher education, a path that occupies her primary attention and energy. In contrast, her father, the illustrious Big Show, commands a dominating presence in the world of entertainment. 

With a net worth of $16 million as of 2023, he's emerged as a prominent figure in his field. During the zenith of his career, Big Show commanded an impressive annual salary exceeding $1.5 million, a testament to his enduring influence and success.

Age, Bio, and Wiki

Born on November 28, 1998, Cierra Wight's age of 24 (as of February 2023) belies the impressive array of accomplishments she has amassed within her youthful years. With remarkable poise and determination, she has garnered a substantial following of global fans who admire her achievements and potential.

At the tender age of 24, Cierra's burgeoning journey has already ignited fascination and reverence from a wide-reaching audience. As her narrative unfolds, the anticipation builds, eager to witness the remarkable trajectory she continues to forge. The canvas of her future remains open, inviting a world of possibilities and accomplishments yet to be unveiled.


Cierra Wight embarked on her educational journey at a private high school in Florida, where her enthusiasm for learning shone brightly. After successfully completing her primary education, she took the next step by enrolling at the University of West Florida, where she currently dedicates herself to higher education pursuits.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

Cierra has maintained her dedication to health and fitness since her school days, committing to rigorous gym visits five days a week to ensure her well-being and physical vitality.

Big Show
Image: The WWE superstar, Big Show. Source: WWE

Standing gracefully at a height of 5 feet 7 inches, she maintains a healthy weight of around 60 kilograms. Her proportional measurements grace her figure, with chest-waist-hip dimensions of 36-28-38 inches, respectively. 

The enchanting harmony of her appearance is accentuated by her enchanting brown eyes and complementing brown hair, a harmonious symphony of features that radiate her natural beauty.

Social Media Presence

Regrettably, Cierra's social media presence remains dormant across all platforms. Presently immersed in the pursuit of her diploma, she stands on the cusp of entering the professional realm of her choosing. 

However, her current endeavors have yet to yield financial independence, and she relies on the support of her affluent parents for her day-to-day expenditures.

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