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What is Cole Hamels' Net Worth in 2021? Learn About His Salary and Earnings

Published Wed Aug 18 2021 By shirayoky
What is  Cole Hamels' Net Worth in 2021? Learn About His Salary and Earnings

What is Cole Hamels' Net Worth in 2021? Learn About His Salary and Earnings

Colbert Michael "Cole" Hamels (born on December 27, 1983), San Diego, CA, is a professional full-time baseball pitcher and pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB). He previously played for Philadelphia Phillies (2006–2015), Texas Rangers (2015–2018), Chicago Cubs (2018–2019), and Atlanta Braves (2020).

Hamels attended Meadowbrook Middle School and went to Rancho Bernardo High School to pursue higher education in San Diego. Similarly, he was a "gifted student both physically and mentally," where scout tried to recruit him during high school primarily.

Born to his father Gary Hamels and his mother Amanda Hamels in San Diego, California. Later, on Осtоbеr 31, 2006, hе mаrrіеd his other half Неіdі Ѕtrоbеl. Many fans are also eager to know about Colbert Michael "Cole" Hamels networth details and charity works which we have compiled all the information read ahead to know.

What is Cole Hamel's Net Worth in 2021?

According to Wealthypersons, the net worth of Cole Hamels is estimated at $80 million as of 2021. It's no wonder during the peak of his career; he won several awards and achievements, which helped him to make a deal with a lot of renowned sports clubs.

Cole Hamels has a net worth of $80 million.

Cole Hamels is a millionaire.
Photo Source: Philliesnation

The Phillies signed Hamels for a $144 million deal back in 2012 to a six-year. Undeniably, second-biggest contract to be ever signed by a pitcher at the time, but later they shipped him to the Texas Rangers for the trade deadline in 2015 in order to create some payroll flexibility and continue a rebuild of the team to higher-tier prospects. 

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In that same year of 2015, Hamels threw a no-hitter in his final start in Philadelphia and helped to lead the Rangers to the playoffs the last two seasons. As per his contract, they pay him $22.5 million annually through 2018, with a club option for 2019. 

As of the year 2021, the 38-year-old Hamel signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers with terms of one year contract. Well, the Dodgers didn't reveal specific financial details of the short-term agreement, but as per the league sources told that the deal would guarantee Hamels a handout of $1 million for the remainder of the 2021 season. According to various sources, the veteran left-hander will get an additional $200,000 for every start he makes.

Cole Hamel's Involvement in Charity Works

The Hamels foundation organization was created by Hamels along with his wife, Heidi, in 2009. They provide the fund to childhood programs in Philadelphia and Africa for a better quality of education. Aim for providing hope and opportunities for the children that they serve in the communities.

Cole Hamels mansion donated to charity.

Cole Hamels donated the Missouri mansion to charity.
Photo source: Country Living Magazine

They also donated their big 32,000-square-foot (3,000 m2) Missouri mansion in 2017. The estimation of that mansion was supposedly valued at $10 million and provided to a Christian charity that especially runs camps for children with special needs and chronic illnesses called Camp Barnabas.

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