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Counting On - Jinger Duggar is Set to Address Her Decision to Wear Pants

Published Sat Sep 21 2019 By Chester
Counting On - Jinger Duggar is Set to Address Her Decision to Wear Pants

The new season of Counting On is filled with intriguing dramas and heart-melting stories!

Things in the Duggar family are changing. Counting On's upcoming season seems to be filled with both laughter and tears, from multiple pregnancies news to tragic demise of Grandma Mary

Meanwhile, Jinger Nicole Vuolo and her husband Jeremy Vuolo with baby Felicity Vuolo are seen moving to LA, free from all the rules and boundaries - welcoming the new phase in life. Most notably, her clothing decision is sure to bring conflict with her very conservative parents.

Check out the emotional yet joyful season trailer of Counting On released on Friday, Sep. 20.

The trailer articulates Jeremy, 32, and Jinger, 25, moving to L.A. from their resident at Laredo, Texas. In the short trailer, Vuolo is wearing jeans and sneakers, which is a big deal in the family.

Those who are updated with the show might well know Duggars for their strict rules and rituals where all the sisters grew up wearing skirts and dresses. 

But the trend-changer Jinger who doesn't bound herself in rules is often seen wearing pants and even shorts, and there are also reports of the reality star not getting along with the parents.

Jinger Duggar shares she wears pants and so will her daughter.
SOURCE: Cheat Sheet

The new season is going to address it all as the show has also highlighted the part where Jinger wears pants as well as the subsequent questions from the fans.

Nevertheless, the other members in the family are also seen opting a pair of pants but under some conditions. Joy-Anna Duggar wore pants when she was hiking. Similarly, Jessa Seewald wore ski pants during a family vacation to Colorado.

Besides in the latest episode teaser, the Duggars are seen in trauma for the loss of their beloved Grandma Mary's. On the other hand, the five pregnant ladies in the family are seen snapping a maternity photoshoot and discussing the unexpected arrival of Jessa's daughter Ivy Jane born on May 26, Sunday at home.

So, guys, are you excited for the new season? 'Counting on' season 10 premieres from Tuesday at TLC. Stay tuned and connected to find more Movies & TV shows articles on Glamour Fame.