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Curious About Malika Andrews' Love Life? Discover Who Her Boyfriend Is!

Published Tue Jan 09 2024 By Bsgurung
Curious About Malika Andrews' Love Life? Discover Who Her Boyfriend Is!

Malika Andrews is a prominent American sports journalist and NBA reporter, widely recognized for her exceptional work with ESPN. Born on January 28, 1995, Andrews graduated from the University of Portland with a degree in broadcast journalism. Her career took off when she joined ESPN in 2018, covering the NBA and contributing to various shows and platforms.

Known for her insightful analysis, engaging reporting, and in-depth interviews, Andrews quickly gained popularity in the sports media landscape. Beyond her professional achievements, she has become a respected voice in the industry, breaking barriers as a woman of color and inspiring others with her passion for sports journalism.

Is Malika Andrews Dating Anyone? 

Malika Andrews' current dating status remains elusive, with speculation surrounding her romantic life. Despite being linked to various men, her current relationship is unclear. 

Malika Andrews fiance
Image: Sports Reporter taking a live interview. Source: Twitter

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Andrews mentioned having a boyfriend while residing in New York City, but his identity remains undisclosed. It is uncertain whether she is still with him. 

Notably, in 2021, Andrews relocated to Los Angeles, where she now hosts NBA Today on ESPN. Amidst her professional success, details about her personal life, specifically her current relationship, remain a mystery, fueling curiosity among fans and followers.

Malika Andrews is Yet to Tie Wedding Knots

Malika Andrews is presently unmarried, having no history of previous marriages. Her current relationship status remains ambiguous, leaving uncertainty about whether she is single or engaged. 

Despite her allure and professional success in journalism, Andrews keeps her love life private, contributing to the mystery surrounding her romantic affairs. Reports and articles offer conflicting information, labeling her as either single, married or engaged to individuals from her past. 

Andrews, however, refrains from publicly addressing or confirming these rumors. Given the absence of official announcements regarding a love interest, it is reasonable to assert that Malika Andrews is currently considered single.

She is Found Wearing Engagement! Does This Mean, Malika is Soon to Marry Someone? 

Malika Andrews' relationship status is further complicated by the presence of an engagement ring she began wearing in 2020, sparking speculation about her engagement. Although she has not officially announced it, the ring is conspicuous on her microphone-holding hand in various pictures.

The mystery surrounding her love life deepens as she keeps the details undisclosed. Fans speculate about the identity of the potential fiancĂ©, with some linking it to her previous boyfriend. 

However, Andrews' secretive nature leaves unanswered questions about the timing and the person she might be engaged to. As anticipation builds, fans await further revelations about her impending wedding.

Is Dave McMenamin, Malika Andrews's Fiance? 

American sports journalists Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin, both prominent in NBA circles, sparked dating rumors in May 2022 after attending an event together.

Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin dating
Image: Malika Andrews with her partner, Dave McMenamin together at the event. Source: Twitter

Speculation heightened when Andrews was spotted wearing a ring, leading fans to assume a possible engagement to McMenamin. 

Despite the widespread speculation, neither Andrews nor McMenamin has confirmed or denied the relationship status, keeping their personal lives private.

Dating Rumors With Richard Jefferson

In 2020, rumors circulated about a romantic involvement between Malika Andrews and former NBA player turned ESPN sports analyst Richard Jefferson

Although speculation arose from Malika acknowledging living with her boyfriend in New York City during the COVID-19 pandemic, she never revealed his identity. The alleged relationship between Andrews and Jefferson remained unconfirmed.

What Happened Between Jordan Poole and Malika Andrews? 

In October 2022, NBA player Jordan Poole sparked rumors of a romantic connection with Malika Andrews during a post-game interview, leading fans to speculate about a potential relationship.

Malika Andrew and Jordan Poole
Image: Malika Andrew taking an interview of Jordan Poole after a game. Source: Twitter

Observers noted suggestive body language and playful interactions, fueling speculation about a budding romance. However, these hopes were dashed when Poole was later revealed to be romantically involved with Instagram model Kim Cruz

Despite the initial excitement and fan-created content suggesting a connection between Poole and Andrews, it turned out to be unfounded, as Poole pursued a relationship with someone else shortly after the interview.

Malika Andrews Never Dated Giannis antetokounmpo

Malika Andrews and NBA player Giannis Antetokounmpo are not romantically involved, but they gained attention due to a rift stemming from Andrews' 2019 article questioning the Milwaukee Bucks' championship potential. 

In a press conference, after the Bucks' loss, Andrews asked Giannis about the team's experience, prompting him to abruptly leave. This incident sparked controversy, with some deeming Andrews' question disrespectful and others faulting Giannis for his exit. 

Despite lingering fan speculation, both Andrews and Giannis have moved on. Andrews later shared a different memory of the NBA star in a YouTube video, seeking to dispel the controversial image.

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