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Demi Lovato Hailed 'Natural Beauty' After Posing Makeup-Free

Published Mon May 04 2020 By Eden
Demi Lovato Hailed 'Natural Beauty' After Posing Makeup-Free

Demi Lovato poses in a swimsuit without makeup to display an all-natural glow.

Demi Lovato took beautiful new make-up free swimsuit selfies on 2nd May and subsequently took to Instagram to post the stunning pictures. When this gorgeous lady is not virtually reuniting with her former Disney Channel castmates, it's clear she uses her lockdown quarantine to improve her self-timer selfie skills.

The 'Sorry Not Sorry' hitmaker couldn't look more gorgeous in the beautiful one-piece berry-hued strapless red swimsuit soaking up some hot tub. She captioned the post, “Swipe to see how I discovered the self-timer feature for taking pics.”

The 27-year-old, who is apparently quarantining with her new romantic partner Max Ehrich, opted to go make-up free for her breathtaking shoot that left fans gushing over her "natural beauty" and revealing freckles.

Model Ashley Graham wrote, "My Girl is straight fire," while Ehrich left a heart-eyed smiley emoticon in her post.

The fellow pop star Kesha, who is known for her own freckles, added, "Ummmm gorg and those freckles." Meanwhile, the Hold the Drama singer JoJo concurred calling Demi a "beauty."

One fan wrote, "I’m so jealous of your beautiful skin! 😭 You look so good!!" The other added, "Oh so you wanna just snap this hard. Sis you BETTER!! 🔥"

Back in September, Lovato showed off her curve unedited for the first time while also opening up about her darkest moments amid sobriety battle. In the meantime, she's also been quite vocal about not being concerned with dieting.

Speaking during the Teen Vogue Summit 2019, the singer shared, "A huge thing for me has been body acceptance. I feel like something that is not really spoken about a lot is body acceptance. We hear the terms ‘body positivity’ all the time, but to be honest, I don't always feel positive about my body."

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Lovato continued, "Sometimes I look in the mirror, and I'm like, 'Oh, I do not like what I see.' But in those moments, I don't sit there and dwell on it. I also don't lie to myself."

The 'Heart Attack' singer used to gaze in the mirror and be saying, 'I love my body. You're beautifully and wonderfully made.' Yet the truth was, she didn't believe that, and she'd always hate it. And any time she heard it, she'd be saying 'you're lying to yourself.'

Lovato continued, “I don't have to lie to myself and tell myself that I have this amazing body,” she continued. “It's like, if I don't feel it, I don't have to say that. All I have to say is I'm healthy. In that statement, I express gratitude, and I express I am grateful for my strength.”

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