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Who is Devontae Cacok Girlfriend? Here's What You Should Know

Published Mon Dec 28 2020 By Bran
Who is Devontae Cacok Girlfriend? Here's What You Should Know

Grab all the details regarding the love life of juvenile NBA star Devontae Cacok.

Devontae Cacok is an extremely talented power forward who is currently on a two-way contract with the South Bay Lakers and the Los Angeles Lakers. The 24-year-old was blessed to share the spotlight alongside the likes of legendary players like LeBron James and Anthony Davis, which further strengthened his portfolio. Despite having a single cap, the American was able to win the championship with his team, which is something many players dream of throughout their careers.

Aged 24 years old, there is a lot to happen in the sporting career of Devontae Cacok. While he has shown promising signs with his performances, the athlete hasn't been able to showcase his skills on the court for a long time, considering how his side is full of big stars. Alongside a successful career with an NBA title, his romantic life is also going on a smooth track. Go nowhere as we bring you all the details about his love life with his girlfriend.

Devontae Cacok's Blissful Relationship With Girlfriend

Devontae Cacok proposing his partner Nyomi L.

Devontae Cacok and his girlfriend Nyomi L got engaged in 2018.
Photo Source: Instagram

The year 2020 might not have been the best for the entire humanity considering the COVID-19 outbreak, but for Devontae Cacok, it was the one to count. In fact, it was one of his best since the power forward was able to manage his breakthrough in the squad. As the current year draws close, the 24-year-old is dating a gorgeous woman in Nyomi L. The love birds are quite open to sharing details regarding their affair as they post pictures very often.

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While Devontae Cacok is currently focused on his sporting journey to make it big in the NBA, he tries his best to maintain a balance between personal and professional life. For the first time, the couple disclosed their affair to the media when the LA Lakers star posted a picture on Instagram on November 18, 2018, with a caption, 'You're more than my girl, you're a part of me.'

Devontae Cacok caught on camera kissing his girlfriend.

Devontae Cacok and his partner Nyomi L have been together for several years now.
Photo Source: Instagram

The love life of Devontae Cacok and his partner was expected to have begun from mid-2010. Just last year in 2019, the athlete made a big decision to propose to his girlfriend, Nyomi, for a wedding. Like his expectations, his soulmate said, 'yes.' The duo are still looking for a perfect wedding date to get married as their initial plans might have been swept away through the CoronaVirus outbreak.

Devontae Cook's Career In Basketball

Devontae Cacok in the jersey of LA Lakers.

Devontae Cacok won the NBA Championship in 2020.
Photo Source: Silver Screen Roll

Most of Devontae Cook's active days in his basketball journey came in his amateur career, where he managed to get into the First-team of All-CAA twice. From a very young age, the engaged power forward loved playing different sports. Surprisingly, he initially used to play football. However, as he broke his wrist playing football during 8th grade, he started playing basketball.

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Devontae Cook's massive height of 6'8 feet helped him to get a place on the varsity team. He spent his high school career in Alpharetta before going to UNC Wilmington college from 2015 to 2019. After a disappointing NBA draft where he got undrafted, Cacok signed for South Bay Lakers for the NBA G League. Eventually, he got the opportunity to sign for a two-way contract where he could even split time for LA Lakers in the NBA too. 

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