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Who is Wilmer Valderrama Girlfriend? Some Facts You Should Know

Published Thu Dec 24 2020 By Bran
Who is Wilmer Valderrama Girlfriend? Some Facts You Should Know

Know all about the dating history of Wilmer Valderrama with some big celebrities. Who is his current girlfriend?

Fez from That '70 Show might not have had great luck with women, but the actor who plays him lives a life in an opposite manner. Wilmer Valderrama is one of the highly admired actors known for his versatility and acting skills. Over the years, he appeared in some top shows like 'Yo Momma.' 'The Ranch,' and 'Party Monster.'

Ever since breaking into the television and filmography landscape in 1998 with 'That 70 Show', he took no time to gather a wide fan-following. Besides, his career as a producer and a singer even helped him to increase his fanbase. That was probably a strong reason alongside his jolly personality, which impressed many women. Over the years, the 40-year-old dated several women in the glamour world, but as of now, the artist is looking to settle finally. Grab all the details about his partner in 2020.

Wilmer Valderrama Engaged To Longtime Girlfriend In 2020

Wilmer Valderrama and his fiance Amanda  Pacheco pose for a picture.

Wilmer Valderrama and his girlfriend Amanda Pacheco got engaged in January 2020.
Photo Source: E!

The year 2020 was a big one for the Venezuelan based American actor Wilmer Valderrama, as he finally found his romantic soulmate. Despite dating numerous women in the past, he never seemed to have met the perfect girl in the past to settle down and get married. While he isn't married just yet, the actor who played Fez is on his way.  In January 2020, Wilmer went down on one knee to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Amanda Pacheco.

Wilmer Valderrama caught on the camera at an event.

Wilmer Valderrama is expecting a baby with fiance Amanda Pacheco.
Photo Source: Twitter

Unlike Wilmer Valderrama's past girlfriends, Amanda Pacheco wasn't a celebrity. However, that didn't stop his heart from falling in love. The celebrity fiance lives a lowkey lifestyle, with most of her details being private. As per rumors, the diva is a model and even a certified dive instructor.

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The newly engaged couple of Wilmer Valderrama and Amanda Pacheco first made their mark in public in April 2019, as the paparazzi's caught them hanging out in Los Angeles. Eventually, things between them kept on getting strong, which explains why they are engaged. Furthermore, the love birds recently announced the great news on how they are expecting their first child. However, a wedding date isn't disclosed just yet. Considering his colossal net worth, their wedding is perhaps going to be a grand one.

Wilmer Valderrama's Longlist Of Celebrity Girlfriends 

The 40-year-old actor Wilmer Valderrama seems to have a special charm over successful gorgeous women. Before dating his current girlfriend, Amanda Pacheco, he used to go out with numerous women. One of his most popular affairs came with pop star Demi Lovato. Looking back now, his relationship with the singer was the longest one as they dated from 2010 to 2016. Surprisingly, the pair first met when Demi was underage of 17.

Wilmer Valderrama and his ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato.

Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato broke up in 2016.
Photo Source: Elle

Valderrama dated some of the most dashing personas in the showbiz industry, including the likes of Mandy Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Minka Kelly, and Ashlee Simpson. Interestingly, he even went out with Avril Lavigne in 2009, but it didn't work out the way they wanted. He even dated the likes of Christina Milan and Jessica Biel

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