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Didar Domehri’s Paris-Based Company Maneki Films Is On Board To Produce 'Memory House'

Published Sun Aug 04 2019 By Travis
Didar Domehri’s Paris-Based Company Maneki Films Is On Board To Produce 'Memory House'

The short film 'Memory House' is being made into a feature film and Didar Domehri is producing.

The Cannes Short Film Special Distinction winner director Joao Paulo Miranda Maria is getting the backing of Didar Domehri’s Paris-based company Maneki Films. The director is working on the script for the movie ‘Memory House’ since 2015, and he is getting the financing for the film.

Joao Miranda Maria
Joao Miranda Maria is making his feature film debut. (Source: Zimbio)

The movie will be a feature film debut for the director who only made short films his entire career. The young director whose short films played in Venice and Cannes film festival was working on the story of ‘Memory House’ as part of the workshop by Critics’ Week at Cannes. The Next Step Program started by Cannes helps ten short film directors to make their movies into feature films.

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Miranda Maria is an award-winning director who received critical praise for his movie, ‘Command Action’ and won the Special Mention at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016 for the movie ‘The Girl Who Danced With the Devil.’ He also received critical praise for his short film at Venice in 2017 for ‘Meninas Fomicida.’

Watch: Command Action, a short film by Joao Miranda

The movie ‘Memory House’ follows a native Brazilian, 'Christovam', who works in the Austrian colony in Brazil as a milk factory worker. Christivam is not happy with what his surrounding is turning into; he alienates himself from the culture because of the mix of various ethnicities. As a result of the disillusionment, he settles in an abandoned house filled with things which remind him of his origins. The movie also follows Christovam’s mental states, after being deprived of social contact, he starts seeing more things starting to appear inside his home, which makes him think the house is alive. The isolation also causes him to transform into a man-animal.

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Domehri is producing the movie along with Denise Gomes and Paula Cosenza. The producer was named Producer on the Move by the European Film Promotion for the year 2017. The film which starts filming on 15 July is set to be funded by French film board’s world cinema subsidiary along with Hubert Bals Europe fund, and Brazil’s Fundo Setorial do Audiovisual.

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The ace producer who specializes in low budget award programmer is coming to produce the movie, and she is sure to do justice to the short film which was a critically acclaimed piece at many award circuits.