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Discovering Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski, Sibling to Anderson Cooper

Published Wed Nov 29 2023 By Bsgurung
Discovering Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski, Sibling to Anderson Cooper

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski, born on August 22, 1950, is Anderson Cooper's brother and the son of Gloria Vanderbilt and Leopold Anthony Stokowski. Despite inheriting less from their mother, he found success in business. 

Unlike his more famous brother, Anderson, Leopold, also known as Stan, has carved a niche in the business world. Born in New York during his parents' decade-long marriage, Stan has happily settled with his family, leading a successful and fulfilling life outside the spotlight.

Welcomed Son With Wife, Emily J Goldstein

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski married Emily J Goldstein in late 1996 in an intimate ceremony at a private house in Wainscott, L.I., officiated by Charles S. Edwards, a town justice from Manlius, N.Y. Stan, 14 years older than Emily, and a successful businessman, welcomed their son Myles in 1998. 

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski Wife
Image; Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski with his wife, Emily J Goldstein at the event. Source: Amomama

Emily, a Vassar College graduate, works as a fine art exhibition curator at Glenn Horowitz Bookseller. The couple's private wedding was attended by close friends and family, marking the beginning of their family life together.

His Married Life With Ex-Wife, Ivy Strick

Before marrying Emily J Goldstein, Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski was previously married to Ivy Strick on June 18, 1981, at their Saugerties farm, officiated by Justice Richard I. Ryan. The details of their divorce are undisclosed. 

They share two children: Aurora Stokowski Mazzei, born in March 1983, who owns Aurora Oro Fine Jewelry and works as a freelance editor and content writer; and Abra Stokowski, born in February 1985, who maintains a low-profile life. 

Aurora is married to Anthony Thomas Mazzei, and they have two children. Stanislaus Stokowski's past marriage and family history include a blend of public and private pursuits.

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski's Parents Were Divorced

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski, born five years after his parents' April 1945 marriage, experienced their divorce in 1955. His mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, a renowned fashion designer and author, inherited her father's business. 

She contributed to various publications and co-authored a book with her son Anderson Cooper in 2016. Vanderbilt passed away on June 17, 2019, due to stomach cancer. Leopold's father, Anthony Leopold Stokowski, a celebrated conductor, gained fame from Disney's 'Fantasia.' 

He died on September 19, 1997, at 95, 42 years older than Gloria. This Stokowski family history reflects a mix of artistic achievements, literary collaborations, and historical significance.

How Many Siblings Does Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski Have? 

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski, Gloria Vanderbilt's son, has three siblings from her four marriages. Gloria's first marriage to Pat DiCicco in 1941 ended in 1945. She then married Leopold Stokowski, having Stan and Christopher. 

After a decade, they divorced in 1955. Gloria wed Sidney Lumet in 1956, concluding in divorce in 1963. Her marriage to Wyatt Cooper in 1963 produced two sons, Carter and Anderson Cooper

Wyatt's death in 1978 marked the end of their union. Sadly, Carter passed away in 1988, leaving Anderson to mourn. This complex family history encompasses love, loss, and a blend of relationships over the years.

Relation With Brother, Christopher Stokowski

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski shared much of his early life with his younger brother, Christopher Stokowski, born on January 31, 1952. Unfortunately, Christopher distanced himself from the family around 1978 due to therapist Christ Zois influencing his relationship with fiancĂ©e April Sandmeyer. 

Recent reports suggest a potential reconciliation between Chris and their mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, with several meetings after the release of the 2016 movie "Nothing Left Unsaid." 

While the details of Leopold and Christopher's relationship remain enigmatic, there are indications of reconnection between Christopher and his half-brother, Anderson Cooper, following the movie's debut.

Mother, Gloria Vanderbilt Died in 2019

Gloria Vanderbilt passed away at 95 on June 17, 2019, at her Manhattan home due to stomach cancer. 

Gloria Vanderbilt Death
Image: Late Actress, Gloria Vanderbilt with her son, Anderson Cooper together in the frame. Source: ABC News

She is interred beside her son Carter and late husband Wyatt in the Vanderbilt Family Cemetery on Staten Island. 

Vanderbilt bequeathed nearly her entire $1.5 million estate to her son, Anderson Cooper, underscoring the close bond between mother and son.

Take A Look at Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski's Net Worth and Career

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski, in contrast to his parents' entertainment careers, has found success as a businessman and entrepreneur. 

Operating in New York, London, and England, he is involved in the landscaping business, owning a company in Sag Harbor, L.I., named New Ground Gardens LLC, established in 1998. 

With a reported net worth of $3 million, Stokowski has amassed his wealth through his landscaping endeavors. Notably, despite his mother Gloria Vanderbilt's wealth, she left her $1 million estate to her son, Anderson Cooper, while Stokowski independently built his fortune in the business world.

Height and Weight

He has a height of 5 ft 8 inches and a body weight of 68 kg. Additionally, he has grey eyes, and although his hair color was not specified, it is mentioned that it has turned grey over time.

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