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The Untold Love Story of Edward Norton and His Wife Shauna Robertson's Secret Marriage

Published Mon Feb 03 2020 By Sea
The Untold Love Story of Edward Norton and His Wife Shauna Robertson's Secret Marriage

Edward "Ed" Norton is extremely notoriously private about his personal life. Sure, anyone would be. But his is much more secretive than most. Still, his desire to respect his family's privacy is not at the least unprofessional. Despite the secrecy and tiptoeing of Norton, his married life still comes into the spotlight. Yes, the former Hulk actor is a married man.

Hollywood actor, Edward, tied the knot in the last decade. Very few knew about his flame with his now-wife, Shauna Robertson! When the couple initially started their relationship, Norton and Shauna kept it hidden. 

Edward Norton Marred His Wife In Secret!

Making a name for himself in Hollywood is no easy task, but with movies like 'Fight Club' and 'The Incredible Hulk,' there's no stopping. Meanwhile, his married life isn't that shabby either.

Edward Norton back to back with his character the Incredible Hulk.
Really, Edward Norton was "not" a misstep in the Marvel universe.
Source: The Incredible Hulk, Marvel

The 50-year-old may like to keep the details of his secret wedding ceremony to himself. But considering the length of the two being together, anyone can gather there's no one else he'd rather spend his life with. This is despite many girls probably head-over-heels for the guy.

Edward Norton Dated his Wife, Shauna Robertson, for Six Years!

Yes, 13 years of relationship hasn't gone anywhere but upward for the 'Birdman' star and his wife, Shauna Robertson. Only the two can tell how they met and fell in love because, up until 2008, no one knew they were dating.

(L-R) Producer Shauna Robertson and actor Edward Norton attend the Firefox Flicks competition winners ceremony on May 17, 2012 in Cannes, France. (May 16, 2012)
Norton is a happy man since meeting his wife, Shauna Robertson.
Source: Gareth Cattermole, Getty Images Europe


Edward Norton and Shauna Robertson started dating around 2005 and engaged in early 2011. The engagement was also extremely private but was known immediately sometime later. But their wedding was completely secretive.

Fans found out about Norton's marriage after his first child was born!

The people found out Edward Norton and Shauna Robertson had been husband and wife for a year after their first child was born. Only in April 2013, a month after the birth of their son, Atlas Norton, did the fans know of Norton's wedding. Everyone was referring to Robertson as Norton's fiancee.

Shauna Robertson and her baby son Atlas. Ed Norton, 47, enjoyed the day scooting around with four-year-old son, Atlas, in New York City on Thursday.
You won't see much of Atlas either.
Source: Elder Ordonez, Splash News/Billy Farrell, BF Anyc.

The Canadian film producer's pregnancy was unknown until a while before Atlas was born. And the news of their son being born only ran the tabloids a month later, when everything regarding their marriage and child was out in public.

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Norton was an extremely proud father and husband. Also, one of his friends stated, "Ed is really excited for fatherhood. He helped pick out a stroller for the baby!"

Shauna Robertson is a Producer and a Pretty Good One at That Too

The two have shared plenty of red carpet moments together, most notably the recent Los Angeles premiere of Norton's 20-years-in-the-making movie, 'Motherless Brooklyn' on October 28, 2019.

Edward Norton was joined by his wife Shauna Robertson at the premiere of his film 'Motherless Brooklyn'.
Edward Norton with his wife Shauna Robertson at the premiere of his film, 'Motherless Brooklyn.'
Source: Willy Sanjuan, Invision/AP

It's not like Shauna came out of the dark when she started dating her husband, Norton. She was an accomplished producer, having worked in all sorts of movies with Judd Apatow in 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin' & 'Knocked Up,' and Will Ferrell in 'Elf,' before dating him.

Apatow mentions Robertson's strong tenacity in bringing her kind of spice when making movies. "She is the rare woman who always wants to take the joke farther than any man wants. All nudity in my films results from Shauna pushing me and calling me a wimp. If it weren't for her, I would be making 'Bratz 2'," she said.

Shauna Robertson works with the producer and his stable.
Shauna Robertson's an extremely dedicated personality.
Source: Ken Hively, Los Angeles Times

The producer worked with Kristen Bell and Jason Segel in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' and Seth Rogen in 'Pineapple Express' in 2008 but seemed to have put her career on hold indefinitely. Well, the family does come first.

However, that was not the reason she stopped making movies. There was an entirely different motive and a pretty noble one.

The Husband-Wife Started a Crowdfunding Charity Site

It was the wife's (then-fiancee) initiative to found an innovative charity site called 'Crowdrise.' We're sure you've heard of it every now and then. With the help of her husband, she successfully launched it in early 2011 after they got engaged.

What made her tick to do this came after she realized something following her last movie, 'Pineapple Express.' "About 2 years ago, I realized I that the more successful I became, the more I pushed things I really cared about to the back burner," Shaun Robertson said in a post announcing the launch of 'Crowdrise.'

Shauna Robertson 2016 : Shauna Robertson: Collateral Beauty NY Premiere -04.
Edward Norton and his wife, Shauna Robertson, look at them looking at each other. That's was "made for each other" looks like.
Source: Getty

"I was not one of those people who could “find the balance,” so I bailed on show biz and here I am," she continued. "I just got back from 2 months in Kenya working with the Maasai on a land conservation project called The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust and before that I was in India for 3 weeks at an orphanage called Ramana's Garden."

Ultimately, all that mattered to her was, "I love volunteering, and I love all the people who love volunteering. I love Catchafire. It's genius."

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The founders also include the founders of 'Moosejaw' — Robert Wolfe and Jeffrey Wolfe. As of now, the site was acquired by 'GoFundMe' in 2017. 'Crowdrise' was officially integrated into 'GoFundMe' since then (yeah, you won't find the site).

The Couple Bought a House for $11 Million

Woah, knowing all these makes it seem like there isn't much they've left a secret, but there's not much information. Although, people did somehow find out about their lavish lifestyle. At least a portion of it.

In July 2017, Forbes reported that the Academy Award-winning actor bought "a legendary beachfront property designed by architect John Lautner for a cool $11.8 million".

Edward Norton and wife Shauna Robertson during the Oscars.
The two are not afraid to show their rich side too.
Source: Getty Images

The house was initially bought and extensively renovated by movie producer Michael LaFetra for $13.8 million in 2007, who later listed it for an astounding $22 million in 2013.

The actor also had a $2.72 million "oceanfront duplex" on Malibu's Las Flores Beach that he bought in 2008. And there are more properties than these that Norton and his wife control. So you know they live pretty while showing they have as big a heart as their wealth. And health, too: Robertson hasn't aged at all since dating Norton.

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One needs to know more about Edward Norton's wife, Shaun Robertson. LA Times has a story you must read, which mentions, in HER head, she's "a 23-year-old guy, always ready with a fart joke, an ever-ready plea for more nudity, and a belly laugh for any raunchy gag," back in 2008.

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