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Who is Emily Compagno's Husband? Grab Details of Her Married Life!

Published Tue Oct 15 2019 By Travis
Who is Emily Compagno's Husband? Grab Details of Her Married Life!

Emily Compagno is a Fox Business Network contributor, a former NFL cheerleader, and a lawyer who comments on the sports business and sometimes one legal matter on-air in Fox Business Network. She is also known for working with sports magazines and doing on-field reporting during the NFL season.

The Fox Business Network commentator was born on 9 November 1979 to her parents. She spent most of her childhood in Oak Knoll, California, with her parents about whom she is not particularly open. We do know of her siblings though, Natalie Compagno and Julietta Compagno Skoog are her two sisters, and Natalie is a writer for a travel publication.

Emily Compagno
Emily Compagno on a football field.

Source: Twitter

Before she was talking on 'The Five' and giving her opinion on all the happenings of the day, the talented speaker went to her local high school in California for her early education. She also enrolled in the University of Washington then later joined the University of San Francisco to get her J.D. Then she began her career in sports and news business soon after, which lead her to get married.

Finding Love and Getting Married to Her Spouse

Emily Compagno

Most people are not meant to be alone in their lives, which is why we all need another intimate human connection to really survive. It is the same case when it comes to Emily and her life. She was never involved in any relationship rumors, and we never saw her getting cozy with another man or woman in the past.

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The on 14 September 2017, Emily got married to her husband in Italy. She is an extremely private person when it comes to her personal life, which is why, to this day, we still don’t know who her husband is. Emily shared a photo of a ring on her social media page while joking about the fact after only a day of marriage, he left his ring in the hotel room, but the identity of the man itself is a mystery to the world.

Emily's palm with her husband's ring.
Emily shows her husband's ring, which he forgot to wear one day after their wedding.

Source: Twitter

Emily seems to be happy with her relationship and content at keeping this part of her life private. The couple also is most probably doing well because we’ve not heard a single thing of the two going through rough patches. At some point, people need other intimate contacts in their life, and it seems love found a way into the life of Emily. Even though she is pointedly refusing to share her husband with the world, we hope nothing but the best for the couple in the future.

Emily’s Career and Life before Fox

Emily Copagno in front of the Raiders logo, wearing a cheerleader's dress.

After she graduated from her college, Emily went to work with the Raiderettes while also working as a criminal defense attorney. She joined the cheerleading team of the Oakland Raiders and soon became the captain of the team and also one of the representatives of NFL to go to Beijing to launch NFL China.

Emily also worked in the United States Courts of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, where she interned for judge John Noonan. Soon after her internship, she landed a position at the Social Security Administration and also worked as a civil litigator. While her career was in an upward trajectory, she decided to quit the court business and NFL to join Fox Business Network as a legal expert, and it seems to be a great career choice for Emily.

Interest beyond Work and Pet

Emily is a huge muscle car enthusiast who loves American muscle cars and also shares a huge interest in auto racing. On her Twitter profile, she explains how much she loves driving, and when she is not on TV, she is in her car. Emily is the owner of a sweet ’72 Ford Mustang, which she recently overhauled.

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The news contributor is also an owner of a dog, a Doberman called Duchess, and it is her entire family. The car she loves, her husband and a dog, perfect American life.

Emily with her dog Duchess.
Emily with her dog Duchess.

Source: Twitter

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