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The Extraordinary Love Story of Grant Gustin and Wife Andrea Thoma

Published Tue Feb 18 2020 By Christina
The Extraordinary Love Story of Grant Gustin and Wife Andrea Thoma

Know more about the love life of Grant Gustin and Andre Thoma!

"The Flash" star Grant Gustin is not only good at being a superhero but also an exceptionally romantic husband to his wife, Andrea Thoma. The cute couple is making fans go gaga over their adorable relationship, which only keeps growing stronger by day.

The cute power couple can probably make their own movie from the adorable love story they share. Their adventures are something you tell your grandchildren when you grow old. Let's get a glimpse of their extraordinary story. 

A Doctor Fell in Love with an Actor?

Do you believe in clich├ęs? We generally accept popular concepts. An actor weds an actor, a doctor with a doctor. Well, things went a little south with this couple. Or maybe a little too east & west.

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen

Gustin plays the role of 'Barry Allen' in the DC Universe movie, 'The Flash.'Source: Newsarama

Husband Grant was famous for his metahuman character, 'The Flash,' while portraying the role of 'Barry Allen.'He stole hearts also starring in other connected series like 'Arrow,' 'Legends of Tomorrow,' and 'Supergirl.' 

Andrea Thoma is a fitness freak

Dr. Thoma is a fitness and diet fanatic.
Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, his wife, Andrea, had her own career as a certified physical therapist while graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology degree from Kent State University.

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Apparently, the opposite pair first met on December 23, 2016, at a dinner party, which was hosted by 'Sabah Tourism Board.' Sparks flew the instant they set eyes on one another, and they hit it off as a thing by January 2017. 

The Proposal Glitch

After a short while of dating, Gustin was every bit ready to make things official. Our 'Barry Allen' is just as sweet in real life as he is in the reel life. The star planned to propose girlfriend Andrea in Costa Rica as his movie shoot was supposed to be in that area. 

andrea showing off her wedding ring

We don't know what looks better, the diamond ring or the girl wearing it. 
Source: Instagram

However, things rarely go as planned, don't they? The movie schedule got pushed back due to the filming of 'The Flash,' and the smashing plan got ruined. 

Almost Got Rejected

After the first plan was dismissed, Grant found out he couldn't wait anymore. He decided to go through with it and set the timing to propose our then-to-be Mrs. Gustin at the beach. 

Grant and Andrea married in 2018

Grant proposed to Andrea at the beach.
Source: The Net Line

The handsome hunk initially planned it as a surprise. Although, we can assume the nervousness one can go through. By mistake, Guss ended up keeping the ring in the same workout bag that he and Andrea both used. But don't worry, nothing wild happened. 

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Our star took the perfect time to get down on his knees amid the workout. He pulled out the ring just as Thoma momentarily turned away. Although, she laughed off at his face thinking it was a joke. It didn't matter as the couple ended up engaged and very much in love. 

Married Twice

The lovely beach proposal must've been a lot to get over as the couple married after two long years of engagement. The actor swooped our lady doctor off her feet at 'The Valentine', Downtown, LA. It was a classic venue from the 1920s with close family and actors around. 

 The couple finally married on December 15, 2018.
Source: Rojak Daily

This couple would've been stoked with awards if there was a thing for Best Couple recognition in real life. Not only did they get married once, but they did it twice. Kind of. Andrea and Gustin married in Malaysia as the gorgeous lady comes from Kadazan ethnicity. They went through a ceremony to please their ancestors. He was overwhelmed when he met Thoma's large family.

The second marriage took place in Malaysia.
Source: The Net Line

The pair are still very much in love, and we wish them all the very best in their future endeavors. The lovely couple even shares a child now. They welcomed their first kid, a baby girl, Juniper Gustin in August 2021. 

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