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Facebook Introduces Dark Mode for Desktop Users

Published Mon Oct 21 2019 By Chester
Facebook Introduces Dark Mode for Desktop Users

One of the top leading sites introduces dark mode for its desktop users.

Yes, you heard it right, the American online social media and social networking company founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Harvard College students are currently launching its beta version for now.

The UI (User Interface) features optional dark mode in addition to the traditional white design.

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While some users are already lucky enough to use the service as a pop-up arises, asking users if they would like to try the new design named 'Facebook Beta.'

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If you get to be part of the testing group, then you'll get a chance to switch to dark mode and see the changes. In addition to the dark mode, Beta ensures users to be easier with a clear view.

Dark Mode Looks on Mobile

Dark Mode on Facebook

Facebook Dark mode looks on mobile.
SOURCE: ilounge

Another feature the new version allows is to mark position while scrolling through your news feed and then navigate back - one of a handy feature.

Good news to all! Facebook often limits its beta feature to selected countries, whereas the new feature is deployed for all users.

So try logging in and see if you are among one of them. Unfortunately, there is no other way of joining the group, so you'll have to wait until the final release.

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