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Fans Lash Out at the Duggar Women for Not Wearing Masks in Public

Published Thu Jun 25 2020 By Sea
Fans Lash Out at the Duggar Women for Not Wearing Masks in Public

Jessa Duggar's photo of the Duggar women going plant-hunting received a lot of criticisms over not wearing masks in public.

While many states are opening their cities prematurely but in a slow process, there are still COVID-19 guidelines to be followed. So when Jessa Seewald (née Duggar) posted a photo of her two sisters without masks, it was not the prettiest sight to see in the comments.

The photo shows Jessa's sister Jana Duggar and sister-in-law Anna Duggar looking for some flower plants in the nursery. The fans were quick to notice the absence of the masks on their faces though. Soon, the Duggar girls would come under fire in the comments.

Jana Duggar and Anna Duggar looking at a flower pot in a nursery with Anna's baby.

Caption: Plant hunting with some of my favorite people. HBD, @annaduggar!
Photo Source: Jessa Seewald, Instagram

"No masks in public?" One wrote. While another one remarked, "Why no masks? Please wear them in public. The next insisted it was essential around babies, "Hello, masks! Especially with babies! What are you trying to do?"

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Of course, there were two sides to the criticisms, as it with the general barricade in the US community. "If their decision to wear a mask," one wrote. ".. as longest you guys wear one. don't worry about the rest." And yeah, a lot of them celebrated Anna's birthday as well.

The Duggar Girls at the nursery looking at the aforementioned flower pot.

Celebrating Anna's birthday with a new flower.
Photo Source: Anna Duggar, Instagram

It would make sense that they are not wearing masks as laws of the pandemic in Arkansas isn't really as strict as in other states. It's an encouragement rather than a law to put on masks in public, and the lives of the citizens there have pretty much rolled back into normality with the cases on COVID-19 in place.

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And due to that, the Duggar family did get similar criticisms a while back as well. Josiah and Lauren Duggar were lashed out at for hosting a family night with at most 18 people in the same room. They were also attending church services regularly despite the general guidance to limit excessive entry into public places.

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