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Far From Home Actors Were Provided All The Avengers Spoilers Before Endgame Cast

Published Thu Jul 11 2019 By Travis
Far From Home Actors Were Provided All The Avengers Spoilers Before Endgame Cast

Endgame was kept a secret but it turns out Spider-Man: Far from Home cast knew the secrets of the movie.

The secrecy and the mystery surrounding the Avengers: Endgame could have put even the season eight of Game of Thrones to shame. Just imagine this for a moment, with over 30 heroes in the final battle, only one person in the whole movie knew how the film was going to end. Robert Downey Jr. was the only person who received the full script because well, he is Robert Downey; he gets paid the big bucks.

All the Avengers assembled in the poster for Endgame.
Avengers Endgame is ruling the world box office. (Source: BGR)

Take Jeremy Renner for example, when he was asked to come in to shoot the film, the directors refused to tell him what was happening. Now, that is the next level of keeping things secret. But now we know that the actors in Spider-Man: Far from Home, knew the twists and turns that, were going to happen in the one of the well-kept secret movies of the century.

The filming of Spider-Man: Far from Home was taking simultaneously with that of Avengers final two movies and since the two films are connected in a way, the actors in the Spider-Man needed to know what was going to happen in Endgame. There were so many twists and turns in the movie that actors knowing the ending or any spoiler-filled tidbit would have been risky if the actors spilled the beans like Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland have done numerous times.

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It is incredible how when you hear that Spider-Man cast knew the story for Endgame, but it is also ingenious because no one would’ve thought to ask the supporting cast of Spider-Man about Endgame. Tony Revolori, who plays 'Flash Thompson' in the Spidey flick revealed that their cast was told about the secrets of Endgame. He said;

We were all sat down in a room, at least I was, and Eric Carroll came in and told most of the cast what happens in Endgame, so I had known things that occurred in Endgame before some of the Endgame actors themselves. We shot that a year before it [Endgame] came out so we had to figure all that out and they had to tell us all about it, which was great but also a little bit sad that I didn't get to experience that in the theater like everyone else.

The culmination of 21 movies was the two Avengers movie, and it is understandable that they wanted to keep the secrets in check. But it is also understandable that Spider-Man cast required knowing the secrets to do their jobs. But the revelation is also funny that they decided to tell the secrets of one of the biggest movies in Marvel history to a film starring Tom Holland, who in a press conference had his mouth taped shut so that he doesn’t reveal any secrets.

Tony Revolori on the set of Spider-Man: Far from Home.
Tony Revolori and the rest of the cast of the Spidey flick knew the secrets for the Endgame. (Source: Cinema Blend)

In Far from Home, Tom is dealing with the loss of Tony Stark and his journey to becoming his own man hinges on his relationship with Tony. So, he must have known Tony was going to die at the end of Endgame; also the Spidey flick deals with the aftermath of reversing the Thanos snap so yes the cast of Spider-Man needed to know the secrets.

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It is just funny that no one figured out that the movies were being shot simultaneously, and no one thought of asking the cast of Spider-Man: Far from Home for the secrets of Endgame. Thank god we never realized to ask the cast of Spider-Man because those secrets were amazing to experience inside a theatre and also thank god for the cast of Spider-Man for not revealing the secrets of either Endgame or Spider-Man: Far from Home, which itself had some explosive revelations inside the movie.