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home Entertainment Former Miss Nepal Winner And Miss World Contestant Shrinkhala Khatiwada Rumored To Be Dating Vlogger Sisan Baniya

Former Miss Nepal Winner And Miss World Contestant Shrinkhala Khatiwada Rumored To Be Dating Vlogger Sisan Baniya

Published Sun Jul 21 2019 By Kenshinpark
Former Miss Nepal Winner And Miss World Contestant Shrinkhala Khatiwada Rumored To Be Dating Vlogger Sisan Baniya

Rumors say, Shrinkhala Khatiwada is dating one of the Nepalese Vloggers, Sisan Baniya.

Shrinkhala Khatiwada, a name probably new for you, but she is one of the biggest celebrities in a small country of South East Asia. Shrinkhala hails from the country of Himalayas, Nepal.

The 23-year-old philanthropist rose to fame after winning the 'Miss Nepal' 2018 title, and Shrinkhala is the only 'Miss Nepal' who made it to the top 12 of the "Miss World" 2018 in China.

Watch: Khatiwada's Contestant Intro video

Not to forget, Shrinkhala won the 'Multimedia and Beauty with a Purpose Award' in the Miss World 2018.

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Though the spotlight for her philanthropic works is nothing new for the 23-year-old, this time Miss Nepal '18 is making the rounds of the tabloids for a whole different reason.

Recently, Miss Nepal is rumored to be dating one of the Nepalese Vloggers, Sisan Baniya who is pretty popular for his work as a cinematographer.

Enough evidence, you ask? Well, even before the trip to Turkey, the alleged couple carried lots of chemistry. Though both are adamant they're not dating, several clues point otherwise.

Shrinkhala Khatiwada and Sisan Baniya spent substantial time together while shooting a 'Contestant Introduction' Video for Miss Nepal 2018, and in fact, this was the first time the couple met. Moreover, some believe her chemistry with Baniya was one of the major reasons which brought about the split with her college sweetheart.

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The 29-year-old Vlogger also helped in shooting the 'Beauty With a Purpose' video for Shrinkhala. Spending substantial time and working together as a team for something meaningful is the perfect way to catch feelings, right?

If this wasn't enough, the couple is recently on their trip to Turkey, and it seems the two are having the time of their life.

Watch: the making of the 'Beauty with the purpose' video

Just yesterday, Shrinkhala's activity on social media left us to speculate more about their alleged relationship. The 23-year-old shared a story on her Instagram with caption "Literal partners in crime! @sisanbaniya" and tagged a location "Istanbul, Turkey."

Shrinkhala shared a picture on her story that made us buy into the rumors. (Source: SHRINKHALA/INSTAGRAM)

It seemed as if the couple is purposely hinting us about their relationship and making it more obvious the two are, in fact, dating. 

A source close to Shrinkhala claimed, the couple is not admitting the love right away and shying away from the facts because of how they met. The source added,

They are really close, but for now they prefer to keep everything under wraps.

The duo continued their association even after the conclusion of Miss World pageant. Although Khatiwada previously used to call him brother, the label associated with their relationship seems to have changed.

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The duo sparked the romance rumors after Shrinkhala split from her previous boyfriend, Prasanga Panta. The Miss Nepal broke her ties with the 24-year-old Nepalese architect upon returning from her Miss World campaign.

Shrinkhala and Sisan made their fans' wish come true when they made the trip to Turkey together. The couple is now having a blast in the largest city of Turkey, the last city of Ottoman Empire, Istanbul.