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Full Story on Rebel Wilson Weight Loss!

Published Fri Dec 06 2019 By Travis
Full Story on Rebel Wilson Weight Loss!

When the name Rebel Wilson is uttered, the first thing which comes to mind is the character of 'Fat Amy,' or the way you remember the actress is because of her size. For the longest time, we’ve known the actress, she’s been large and not shy one bit about her size. Her comedic moments were around the weight of the actress, and she was okay, making fun of herself.

Rebel Wilson, at her heaviest, was around 240 pounds at her heaviest, and the actress was taking the role of being the fat person in a movie wholeheartedly. But no matter who much a person tries to tell you they are happy with being morbidly obese, there are days where the fat person doesn’t feel like that anymore.

For years the actress said she was fine with the way her body was, and there was no need for her to lose weight because of how comfortable she was with her appearance. But then slowly it wasn’t Rebel Wilson people were enjoying; instead, it was the body weigh people were noticing her with, and she needed to do something about it.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Journey; 2016 was where it all Started

Rebel Wilson's weight loss became a talking point when the actress posted about her weight loss journey on 25 April 2016. The actress then recently completed The Ranch 4.0 program, where the actress joined the award-winning wellness retreat where intensive exercise, controlled diet, hiking, and organic food caused the actress to lose more than eight pounds in just four days.

By the end of eight months, the actress got her weight down below the 200lbs mark and lost about 35 lbs in that time period. The actress did it all with a controlled diet and a lot of motivation from the people who doubted her and posted negative comments about her. Once she started to lose weight, she realized how good of a feeling it was, being nimble on foot.

The Shocking Transformation and Weight Loss of Rebel Wilson in 2019

We all were seeing the actress trim down fat gradually over the years, she was below 200 pounds for the first time in a long time, and the actress was also able to maintain her weight around the number for a while. But when 2019 rolled around, she wanted to be lighter and lose some more weight.

Then on 5 November 2019, the actress shocked the world after she posted a video of her walking beside tow puppies. The post was an obvious promotion for a movie, but no one could be bothered to look at anything else than Rebel Wilson, who looked like she lost even more weight since the start of the year.

According to reports, the actress lost from about 20-25 pounds in 2019, and it was all down to healthy eating and a lot of exercises, coupled with determination and a willingness to be better. The actress started at 233 pounds over three years ago, and by the end of 2019, she is hovering somewhere around 175-180 pounds.

Rebel Wilson Diet was the Main Reason for Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Success

Before and after Rebel Wilson weight loss pictures.
Before and after Rebel Wilson weight loss pictures.

Source: Weight Loss

The problem with people looking to lose weight is they either ignore the diet or just cannot stay on it because it is extremely hard to be on a weight loss diet. For a while, we can stay on calorie restricting diets, but the fluctuating blood sugar level of our body creates a craving for sugar, which no one can particularly ignore, so the diet just goes out the window once you start giving in to the cravings.

But Rebel was not going to do restricting diets, which will result in the actress gaining her weight back up again with one misstep. But first, she made sure her body was a fat-burning machine by following a simple technique. She started burning fat even when she was sitting on a couch or doing mundane daily tasks.

At her heaviest Rebel Wilson was about 240 pounds.
At her heaviest Rebel Wilson was about 240 pounds.

Source: Burn the Fat

You are probably thinking about how someone can burn fat even when they are sitting, well, she incorporated high-intensity training into her weekly routine. What the high-intensity training entails is where the person engages in unforgiving 5-10 minutes, four days a week, to activate twitchy muscle fibers which result in the fibers being activated for almost 24 hours and even when you are sitting on the couch, the body fibers are hard at work to burn fat on their own.

Rebel also used metabolism-boosting pills to control her cravings and allowing her body to be active through the most mundane of daily activities. She also incorporated eating fibers into her diet instead of counting the calories of the food she was taking.

Rebel Wilson weight loss diet was the reason for the actress lost so much weight.
Rebel Wilson weight loss diet was the reason for the actress lost so much weight.

Source: Hollywood Life

Like we mentioned above, sugar cravings are something, which cripples almost everyone overweight from losing a considerable amount of body fat. What fibers do is it allows the body to fight off sugar cravings by proxy, helping you to stick to the diet of the day. Rebel incorporated about 35 grams of fiber intake into her daily diet, which allowed her to eat fewer calories because she was not feeling the sugar cravings anymore.

The last important thing Rebel Wilson's weight loss diet included was the intake of fat. Okay, so you are probably confused of how one is supposed to lose fat when your diet also includes a healthy dose of fat. We are talking about healthy fats, which allowed her to keep her insulin level low throughout the day, and low insulin level is known to cause weight loss.

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Healthy fat snacks Rebel ate include (just one or two of these), Zucchini chips with hummus, flavored almost, or cashews, carrot or cucumber chips dipped in guacamole and lastly chicken breasts with olive oil and guacamole. Other dietary foods were down to her daily needs, but these three essential ways of incorporating high-intensity exercises, fiber diet instead of calorie counting and eating healthy fat were the way Rebel Wilson was able to lose close to 80 pounds in two years.

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These are achievable goals if someone is looking to lose weight, but you need to know one thing, this is not a one or two-month thing where once you lose weight, you will be able to stay like that forever. This is a lifestyle change, which takes years of cultivating good eating habits and not getting discouraged.

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