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Game Of Thrones Prequel: 10 Legendary Characters Fans Would Love To See

Published Mon Jun 24 2019 By Travis
Game Of Thrones Prequel: 10 Legendary Characters Fans Would Love To See

Game of Thrones is without a doubt the biggest TV show to ever be broadcasted on television. The show whose finale was watched by 27 million viewers is still without a doubt one of the best television audience to watch a show.

The end product of the show wasn't exactly what was promised but still the greatness, in scale, of the show cannot be denied. The success of the show was also the reason why the top brass of HBO wanted to milk everything out of the brand 'Game of Thrones'. So, now we are getting a possible 3 prequel series based on Game of Thrones, well one is confirmed at this time.

A little bit is known of the new prequel series from the new cast of characters to the time period it is based in. Taking place 10,000 years before the events of Game of Thrones, the prequel is going to show some very interesting and "new" characters that we only know of in the stories people tell. So, here we take a look at 10 Legendary Characters fans would love to see in the new Game of Thrones prequel.

10. The First Lord Commander Of The Night's Watch

SOURCE: Fandom

'Night's Watch' was created after the defeat of white walkers at the hands of the men and the children of the forest. The Brotherhood, that was instructed to man the Wall in the north so as to protect against the next invasion of White Walkers, was created by 'Bran the Builder' and as we know now the Night's Watch had a 'Lord Commander'. We know Jon Snow is the 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, fans most probably want to know who exactly had the privilege of manning the cold wall in the north.

9. Symeon Star Eyes

SOURCE: Westeros

Everyone can't be king and form a long line of a lineage that will rule the houses in the years or decade or millennia to come. Some characters are just heroes who fought and died and are only remembered by the stories people tell. 'Symeon Star Eyes' is one such story people tell, the blind knight who fought with a staff with blades on both sides. The name he got is because of his use of sapphire as a replacement for his ruined eyes. Fans most probably would love to see Symeon fight with his staff.

8. Grey King

SOURCE: Fandom

'Grey King' is considered to be a god and to whom the 'Greyjoys' trace their lineage. 'Grey King' built the iron islands and killed a sea monster 'Nagga' and lived in Iron Island where he ruled for 1007 years and after his death 100 of his children fought for the control of Iron Islands. The 'Grey King' would be an interesting character for the new show to visit.

7. Garth Greenhand

SOURCE: Nerdist

'Garth Greenhand' is considered to be the high king of first men. His crown of vines is legendary and his myth of bringing fertility to the Reach is hard to dispute. The king who could bring fertility to anything he touches well that may be the reason why many families can trace their lineage to this particular king.

6. Durran Godsgrief

SOURCE: Amino App

'Durran Godsgrief' was the first Storm King and founded the house 'Durradon'. Durran fell in love with a mermaid and married her which angered the god of sea and goddess of the wind. During their marriage, god destroyed the Durran castle and killed his family and only he and his wife were able to survive. 'Durran Godsgrief' died and so did the Durradon name but the lineage lived on through the female side of the family and the name 'Baratheon' was formed.

5. Lann The Clever


As his name suggests 'Lann' was a witty and handsome man who stole the 'House Casterly' from their original owners and formed his own house. The first 'Lannister' to rule the 'Casterly Rock' and most probably the richest man in Westeros is bound to make some appearance in the prequel and fans most probably would love that.

4. Leaf And The Children Of The Forest

SOURCE: Daily Express

'Leaf' and the children of the forest are too important of a character to have been only seen by 'Bran' and 'Meera'. They are the reason for the existence of white walkers, so the decision to make the white walkers would be elaborated in the new series which mean we might get to see Leaf and other 'Children of the Forest'.

3. Azor Ahai

SOURCE: Parhlo

'Azor Ahai' and 'Lightbringer' is the story of the legends, the heat radiating sword is one of the best things about the early lore of 'Game of Thrones'. Well, the exact formation of the sword may make some people queasy but the sword is cool all the same. The fact that he was the hero who saved the word from white walkers, we would like to see more of him in the prequel and fans can't wait to see what is in store for everyone.

2. Night King

SOURCE: Thrillist

Ok! This one was supposed to be the big bad baddie of the Game of Thrones, everything was leading up to the confrontation of the men and the king of white walkers. What we got instead was a stoic villain and a laughable demise at the hands of Arya. We just want Night King to be a badass and kill some people himself, whether Vladimir Furdik reprises his role or not is up in the air but this one villain is one thing fans want to see more of in the prequel.

1. Bran The Builder

SOURCE: Westeros

We have to say, we are biased on this one, we, like most of the 'Game of Thrones' fan base are fans of 'Stark House', not how it turned out in the end but still the 'Stark House' that was. So, it is obvious that we would be biased when it comes to the founder of 'House Stark'. The man who started the Night's Watch, created Winterfell, build the wall with the help of giants and children of the forest. 'Bran the Builder' built and created half of what we know in the show 'Game of Thrones' so yes this one character is the one which most fans are excited to see in the prequel like us.

The prequel is on its way and most of the characters we have mentioned above won't make the final cut of the series but all we can do is hope for the best that we get to see some of the characters. The series is set for a 2020 release and we know some things about what is going to happen, but at this point most of it is speculations. All that is left for us fans is to wait for the prequel to premiere in 2020.