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Did Grace Kinstler Undergo Plastic Surgery? Learn All the Details Here

Published Sat Jun 05 2021 By Tashipalmo
Did Grace Kinstler Undergo Plastic Surgery? Learn All the Details Here

Has Grace Kinstler Gone Under the Knife? Learn the Complete Facts Here!  

The American Idol season 19 fame, Grace Kinstler, is among the minority who've left the reality show defeated yet, appeared as a winner in the outside world. Countless were disappointed when Kinstler's name came in the third rank on May 23, with the winner and runner-up place bestowed to Chayce Beckham and Willie Spence, respectively. However, Kinstler also found herself under fans' suspicion regarding her transformation. The Talented singer shredded a huge chunk of her weight, which many fans suspect is because of plastic surgery.Below is a detailed report on Kinster's possible plastic surgery.  

Rolling with an unceasing vigor nonetheless, Kinstler is now a big star, with several singles released, and is seen performing for large audiences or attending talk shows every other day. The Chicago-born singer has kept an upfront attitude since she appeared for the season's audition in 2020. She hasn't shied away from talking about her relationship with her body, the abrupt death of her father, and her romantic life. 

Has Kinstler Gone Under the Knife? Did Grace Kinstler undergo plastic surgery? 

Plastic surgery may be becoming a trend amongst youngsters, but for someone as young and attractive as Grace Kinstler, what is the need for that? Well, the singer may not have done any work on her face so early in her career, but many allege she has done liposuction.   

Grace Kinstler is a Chicago-born singer.
In contrast to her chubby physique, Grace Kinstler's tiny waist started the plastic surgery rumor. Photo Source: Massive

Rumors of plastic surgery have been linked with her name for Grace's transformation. But the usually upfront singer has failed to address the rumor. Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that uses a suction technique to eliminate fats in specific areas. Now Kinstler is one of many who have come under the radar in the allegations.

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Fans noted that the young artist had come to the ABC's show as a chubby girl with a broad figure. However, she rocked a curvy figure a few months after the show aired.

Fans remain certain that Grace Kinstler underwent plastic surgery!

One Reddit user wrote under Grace's picture, "Something doesn't fit right; it feels very Kardashianisque." In her recent appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, she sported a light grey skin-tight dress, in which her unrealistically shrunken hips stood out the most.

Kinstler hasn't commented on the allegations, but people almost believe it is liposuction, citing, "How does one shed so much fat only in one area in a such a short time?"   

Grace Kinstler came in third in the competition.
 "They want to you stick to the old norms if you're a plus-size," said Grace.
Photo Source: Wali Kali

Kinstler was body-shamed back in the show when she sang Into the Unknown dressed in a tight blue floor-length dress. After the harsh trolls, Kinstler told MassLive, "They want people to stick to like the old norms of if you’re plus size, you can’t do this because you don’t fit the mold or you shouldn’t wear this."   

Grace Kinstler's Encore Performance!  

Grace won the fan vote for an "American Idol Segment" and had the opportunity to star on the chat show Live with Kelly and Ryan this week. Kinstler sang her new released, Love Someone. She told Kely Ripa, "Not much sleeping but as people like to say in the industry, I’m happy to be tired and working."  

Grace Kinstler is dating Joseph Wheatley.

Kinstler's boyfriend, Joseph Wheatley, alerted her first when Drake followed her on Instagram.
Photo Source: Stars Offline

Drake had followed Kinstler on Instagram recently, and coming to that, Ripa told Kinstler, “I don’t know much about social media, I just know that’s a very big deal,” to which Kinstler said she didn't notice at first. It was her boyfriend, who alerted the singer first.   

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Kinstler has been dating Joseph Wheatley, a beatboxer from Boston, since 2019. Sources tell he is a graduate of Joseph Berklee College of Music, where currently, Kinstler is enrolled. The couple is keeping it cute and candid and has been frankly admiring one another publicly.  

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