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Grace Kinstler's Weight Loss: Find All the Details Here

Published Wed Jun 02 2021 By Tashipalmo
Grace Kinstler's Weight Loss: Find All the Details Here

Grace Kinstler's Weight Loss and the Speculations Around Her Hips: All Details Here!   

American Idol season 19 star Grace Kinstler has caught herself in weight loss speculations. Her before-and-after-fame pictures recently surfaced on the internet, sparking baseless curiosities. Needless to say, people's hypothesis around her body is affecting the singer's image and has taken the focus off her talent. Kinstler is a native of Illinois, Chicago, and a student currently at Berklee College of Music.  

American Idol judges  Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie were moved with Kinstler's audition. She sang her rendition of 'Natural Woman' by Arthea Franklin and even had Bryan in tears. Kinstler left the reality show in third place, but then she is winning on the internet. With over 178k followers on Instagram, she already has several singles released. Keep on reading to learn the whole fuss around her weight and more.   

How Did Kinstler Lost All That Weight? 

From American Idol auditions in October 2020 and its premiere in February on ABC to its grand finale in May, we saw Kinstler going through a gradual weight loss process. The singer herself hasn't commented about it, so it is not known whether she was determined to shed some pounds after becoming a public figure or the change just came along with the pressure from the competition. Either way, her fans are impressed with her transformation. 

People speculate Grace Kinstler has had Liposuction.

Kinstler's slim waist, could it be a result of liposuction?
Photo Source: Weight And Skin

Kinstler first arrived in the show as a rather plus-sized girl. When compared to her current physique, the weight loss has been notable but not drastic. But her overall change has been less of a concern than her snatched waist. People noted that Kinstler had shed most from her waist areas, and it's now looking unrealistically slim.   

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Most are saving it either bypass or sleeve surgery, looking at the transition in a short span of time. Fans are supporting the young singer and calling the change a natural process, citing if it was indeed a result of surgery, then the impact should have been greater. And as for Kinstler's hips, Liposuction has been the most plausible answer that many have come up with. 

Is Grace Kinstler Dating or Single in 2021? 

Grace has kept it honest with her fans, whether it is her relationship or her personal ordeal. Keeping it candid, she posted an old picture of herself with her boyfriend whilst she was in the show, with the caption 'Missing you.'   

Grace Kinstler is dating Joseph Wheatlet.

 'I've never met anyone quite like you,' wrote Kinstler's boyfriend, Joseph.
Photo Source: USA Today 

Kinstler is in a happy and committed relationship as of 2021. She is dating Joseph Wheatley, a beatboxer from Boston. He was in the Top 16 in the East Coast BBX battle. The duo has been in a relationship since October 2019. Joseph's consistent support for his girlfriend is cutely visible from his social media. 

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After the show ended, Wheatley posted a picture of Kinstler, captioned, "I"m so proud of what you've accomplished and who you are; I've never met anyone quite like you; I'm a lucky guy. If you head to his Instagram @josephwheatleyofficial, you will see Wheatley giving real boyfriend goals; also, you can find gushy snippets of the duo."   

Fans Outraged: Kinstler Didn't Come Second!  

The three judges and Kinstler's fans were rooting for her all along the season. Judges even said that Grace's audition could be compared to Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson. She delivered powerful performance week after week and was anticipated to win by many.

Fans outraged; Kinstler should have come second.

 Chayce was a deserving winner, but Kinstler deserved better, opined Grace's fans on Twitter.
Photo Source: Twitter

Chayce Beckham won first place; Willie Spence came in second, and Grace in third. Fans outraged on Twitter soon, citing Kinstler deserved the runner-up position. Very few invalidated Bekham's victory but were clearly disappointed Kinstler didn't come second.  

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