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Did Kevin James Undergo Weight Loss? Find Out all About It Here

Published Fri May 21 2021 By Heisenberg
Did Kevin James Undergo Weight Loss? Find Out all About It Here

Find out all the weight-loss details of the famous actor Kevin James.

Kevin James is on a whole different level of actor, considering the genre he mainly plays. His works mostly include comedy, and that's how he rose to fame. He's played in numerous television shows and movies over the years, but his role as Doug Heffernan on the CBS sitcom 'The King of Queens' still appears to stand out from the rest.

The role landed him a nomination for a 2006 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. However, this achievement is not the only thing he's proud of, as several such honors have been bestowed upon him throughout his career. Taking about his personal life, James and his wife, Steffiana de la Cruz, have been married for over a decade and live a low-key, drama-free life together.

For a person who played a slightly obese character mostly, it appears his weight loss in recent times can also be considered somewhat of an accomplishment. How? Read on to find out.

Poor Diet Contributed to Kevin James's Obesity in Most Part of His Career 

Many audiences know of Kevin James playing an obese character in most of the notable television shows and movies he was cast in. 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop,' 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry,' 'Zookeeper,' and 'The King of Queens,' all portrayed him taking the role of an overweight character. As an actor, this type of role defined him for most of his career.

Kevin James playing the role of a mall cop in 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop.'

Kevin James played mostly obese characters in his career.
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An obese person is not physically healthy and has to bear all sorts of diseases and health conditions that obesity brings. Over time, James came to realize it and decided that he needed to make a change for his own well-being.

His issue with weight was not what started during his career as an actor. For Kevin, he'd been an overweight individual well before his high school days. There are some online reports that claim he weighed 150 pounds in high school and grew considerably over time.

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It all boiled down to his poor eating habits. He consumed large quantities of unhealthy packaged food products that were high in calories. Fast food was a major factor that contributed to his obesity, and with the increase in his fame, he grew even more obese over time. He reached his heaviest at 300 pounds after the success of 'The King of Queens.'

Kevin James Made a Big Change in Regards to His Weight

Kevin was aware of all the consequences of obesity throughout his life. But the thing that prompted him to undergo a change and lose a lot of weight was his kids.

Kevin James with his wife and children.

Kevin James with his wife and children.
Source: Closer Weekly

James got married to actress Steffiana de la Cruz on June 19, 2004. They went on to have four children as a married couple and currently lead a happy family life. And those children made him one day reconsider his health and lifestyle.

As a responsible father and husband to a wife and four kids, he knew he had to be around for a long time. He did not want his sedentary lifestyle to affect his health which could probably threaten his life. So, at least for the sake of his wife and children, he decided to lose weight.

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In his journey to weight loss, James began by controlling his diet. He adopted healthier food items to consume and also got rid of fast food items from his meals. He also started to exercise to burn any extra calories he consumed. He stuck to this routine for a long period of time and eventually began to see the results.

As opposed to most of the roles he played, Kevin got an opportunity to star in the movie 'Here Comes The Boom,' which demanded him to stay in shape. This became a bonus to his weight-loss journey, and as the movie wanted him to have a body of a tough fighter, he began to train intensively in martial arts too.

Kevin James' transformation after weight loss.

Kevin James' transformation after weight loss.
Source: Weight & Skin

With the help of his trainer and MMA mentor Ryan Parsons, Kevin James underwent intense training that helped him lose weight. In addition to boxing and kicking, he also had to do a lot of pushups, situps, and other types of exercises.

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After a period of training, Kevin James showed incredible results. He dropped a whopping 80 pounds and was in much better shape than before. It was quite an achievement, and the training helped him maintain weight in his subsequent years too. Truly an achievement for Kevin.

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