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Stephanie Abrams Accomplished Inspiring Weight Loss Success - The Whole Story

Published Thu Mar 11 2021 By Tashipalmo
Stephanie Abrams Accomplished Inspiring Weight Loss Success - The Whole Story

Know the whole story about Stephanie Abram's inspiring weight loss journey! 

Stephanie Abram is an American television meteorologist who has long worked for The Weather Channel (TWC). Stephanie is a renowned television face and is known for her utmost poise and adherence. She recently garnered unusual attention for her impressive weight loss. Keep reading for more details.  

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Stephanie Abram was born on October 27, 1978, in Wellington, Florida. Stephanie started working in the weather network in 2003 and, since then, has maintained her position in the channel.  

Stephanie Abram's Weight Loss and Diet Tips

Working on-screen every day surely has its own perks with an equal amount, if not more, of disadvantages. The constant pressure of looking fit and pretty is one of them.  

Stephanie in her morning program

Stephanie Abram is a renowned television meteorologist and has worked for the TWC since 2003. 
Photo Source: Biogossipy

But Stephanie Abram's weight loss journey doesn't seem to stem from such toxic societal pressure. Instead, it resulted from her conscious made choices to live a healthy and active life that gave such astonishing results. 

Not that the 42-year-old weather host was overweight before, but her slimmer figure and build in her recent pictures left her fans and viewers asking the meteorologist for tips tricks. 

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Stephanie Abram shared on her social media platforms that her vegetarian diet keeps her healthy and active; she also advised people to cut off processed foods, although she admits to having trouble completely cutting the junks but tries her best on most days. 

Stephanie Abram avoids carbs and dairy and suggests working out regularly. Abram loves connecting with her fans via her social media platforms, where she shares her favorite food recipes and elaborates on healthy eating habits. 

Stephanie Abram's Personal Life  

Stephanie Abram has successfully kept most of her personal life away from media's scrutiny and keeps herself low-key at all times. 

Abram was earlier married to Mike Bettes, a fellow journalist, and co-host with whom she met on the same weather network and got married in 2010. Still, the couple reportedly soon got divorced, after which Mike married another meteorologist named Allison Chinchar, while Stephanie decided to remain single for a while.  

Stephanie and her fiance

Stephanie Abram got engaged to Liann Freeman in February 2017. 
Photo Source: HollywoodMask 

Soon after Stephanie and Mike's divorce, a rumor had surfaced about Stephanie's possible pregnancy, but she kept mum about it and didn't comment on it. 

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As of February 2017, Stephanie Abram was engaged to her long boyfriend, Liann Freeman; she shared the news on  Instagram and Twitter and sounded thrilled. 

But there weren't any news or updates from Stephanie about the wedding since 2017. Some keen fans think that the couple has postponed their wedding, and some think they are already married, as Stephanie mentioned her fiance as her husband in one of her stories. 

Stephanie Abram's Education And Career 

Stephanie is known to be extremely bright as a kid; she earned her Bachelor in Science from the University of Florida, after which she pursued her B.SC in meteorology from Florida State University.  

Stephanie posing at her workplace

Stephanie Abram is a vegetarian and credits healthy eating habits for her fit and active lifestyle.  
Photo Source: Legit 

Abram says working consistently was the key to her achievements; she began her on-air work for the "Weather Channel" in 2003,and worked as co-host and anchor in several programs the following years.  

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Stephanie today co-hosts AMHQ with Jen Cantore and is a member of the National Weather Association and American Meteorological Society(AMS) 

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