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Grey's Anatomy Star Says 'A Lot' Of Surprises Are In Store For Fans In The Season 15 Finale

Published Fri May 17 2019 By David
Grey's Anatomy Star Says 'A Lot' Of Surprises Are In Store For Fans In The Season 15 Finale

Grey's Anatomy star says season 15 finale is full of unexpected moments.

Jake Borelli who plays "Dr. Levi Schmitt" in hit ABC medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy understands the anticipation level going into the show’s season 15 finale, "Jump Into the Fog."

“When I read the episode, the second to last episode, I had no idea how this was going to pan out. And so I know the fear that the fans are feeling right now. I feel like we set this finale up in an awesome way because almost every main character is in danger in some way. I'm super excited to see who pulls through.” Borelli told Cinemablend.

We know Levi "Glasses" Schmitt will be back for Season 16 since Jake Borelli was already tapped into series regular status for the 2019-2020 season. According to the network’s synopsis, the Season 15 finale will also feature Levi trying to talk some sense into his mysterious boyfriend Nico, which suggests Glasses at least survives the big fog pileup on the freeway.

Jake Borelli stars as Levi Schmitt in ABC's hit medical drama, Grey anatomy.
SOURCE: Digital Spy

Though that doesn't necessarily mean everyone is going to make it to Grey's Anatomy Season 16 after the big Season 15, Episode 25 finale:

“I think this is going to be a finale that sticks to Grey's Anatomy history. We're going to see a lot of good and a lot of bad [surprises].”

Jake Borelli believes fans will have emotions similar to his own once they are on the other end of the fog-driven action:

Borelli confesses that he is indeed in need of more scripts from the writers, so he claims to have the same feeling as fans.

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Last week's episode, "Drawn to the Blood," literally left Levi in a tight spot as making him one of three people in the back seat of a car trying to reach Grey Sloan. "Dr. Owen Hunt" and Levi sat next to "Frances Pinfield" as they tried to rush their way to the hospital so that they could give "Gus" his much-needed blood transfusion. But then a pileup hurdles their way.

"Teddy Altman" -- pregnant with Owen's baby -- just had her water broken, and "Amelia" is the one trying to take her to the hospital. Meanwhile, "Maggie" and "Jackson" following an ill-fated camping were also rush back to the hospital, but got caught up in the fog traffic.

Teddy Altman played by Kim Raver in Grey's Anatomy just had her water broken on the show's recent episode. 

At the hospital, there was even more drama, with Andrew DeLuca deciding to take the blame for "Meredith Grey's" (Ellen Pompeo) insurance scandal. The trailer for Episode 25 also showed DeLuca in handcuffs. In addition, it showed "Miranda Bailey's" suspicions that DeLuca wasn’t all alone in this.

The promo did not suggest a possible drama to come between "Nico" and Levi, but we can probably expect that their relationship will have a definitive conclusion one way or the other. For one thing, Nico was previously shown applying for a new career. He has also had a behavioral problem ever since his mistake cost a young patient his life. He fought with Levi about that, since Levi didn't think Nico should go from that tragic mistake to his new job interview, right away. As for Nico, he has now well established the belief that has been defined by failure all his life.

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Meanwhile, Nico actor Alex Landi just landed a recurring role on a Netflix series. When asked Jake Borelli how much we should read into all of that -- Nico applying for a new job and his actor getting a new job, the 26-year-old actor said:

"I don't know how much you can read into Shondaland shows, things get shaken up every second. Very drama-filled. So I would just stay along for the ride. But yeah, right now we're in one of the biggest fights of our relationship."

Borelli also insinuated that Nico might not be understanding Levi's attempt to get an apology and that Levi seemingly is not trying to acknowledge that Nico is in need of more faith than what Levi is giving to him. He also added that he is being very curious to see if they (Nico and Levi) can sort this out.

Jake fears the two hasn't had such a big disagreement before and that their relationship is new, and sometimes relationships like that don't survive long.

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Having said that the actor expresses his excitement on how this is going to end on Thursday.

However, Borelli highlighted that Levi has a bigger issue first -- getting out of that fog with Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and donor Frances. Speaking of which, filming that fog-fated but song-filled car trip, in actual, sounded like a lot of fun for the actor.

As such the star accounted:

"Oh, it was super fun. I mean, Kevin McKidd is one of my favorite people ever and he was directing that episode too. So it was super intimate and super playful, which was great. Kevin and I are like, you know on long days we always reach this hour, by hour like 12 or 13, where we would get a little slaphappy and goof around."

The actor also pointed the scene's relation to a song 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go' as he stated that 30 seconds of it made to the final cut of the episode.

Jake praised actress Jane Wall who is serving as the guest star for these two episodes.

"She was amazing, and I think the dynamic that her and I have -- we joked that she was like Levi's neurotic side amplified. So the fact that we were all stuck in a car and an airplane made for some really fun scenes."

Grey's Anatomy Season 15's finale, Jump Into The Gog premieres this Thursday, May 16 at 8 p.m. on ABC.