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Hannah Brown Revealed What Tyler Cameron Said to Her at People's Choice Award

Published Fri Nov 15 2019 By Kenshinpark
Hannah Brown Revealed What Tyler Cameron Said to Her at People's Choice Award

Hannah Brown revealed what Tyler Cameron said to her during People's Choice Award.

Though the contest for Hannah Brown's heart is over, a lot is going on between Hannah and Tyler Cameron lately. A while ago, we covered a story where the duo spent a night together in New York, and now the two met at People's Choice Award.

The meeting was inevitable as both were nominated for reality TV's 'Competition Contestant,' and with no surprise won the title over Tyler.

Hannah holding an award.

Hannah Brown won the People's Choice Award.
Source: E! News

But there's more to their meeting at the People's award, according to Hannah, there's something Tyler said to Brown. Hannah, talking to one of the media outlets, said, 'He just asked about dancing. I told him I'm focused on that... That was a really quick 'hi.'"

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There was an instance when Hannah even tried to ignore Tyler just before the show kicked off. Hannah then responded, saying, "I actually saw him and his mom, and I said hello to them. I think it's really sweet that he brought his mom." 

'Dancing with the Stars' contestant said she is not afraid to meet her ex again. Brown said, "think I have so much going on right now. I mean, I came straight from practice for the show tomorrow."

Tyler talking with the media during the award.

Tyler shared complimentary words for Hannah Brown.
Source: ExtraTV

Hannah further added, "So there's no place for nerves, and honestly, I'm just really focused on myself right now, and I'm just really glad that I am able to be here and to celebrate the nomination of the award."

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Well, both have moved on from the show, and they are doing pretty good in their lives. But since they have a label of 'Ex' but fans are speculating there's a possibility that label could change.

Well, time will answer the fans' curious mind about the two, till then let's see how Hannah performs on the reality celebrity dancing show, Dancing with the Stars.

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