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How much does TJ Ott weigh? Here's What You Should Know About His Health

Published Tue Mar 02 2021 By Bran
How much does TJ Ott weigh? Here's What You Should Know About His Health

There have been rising concerns regarding the weight and health of TJ Ott. Know the whole story here.

Captain TJ Ott is a renowned figure in the entertainment sector, thanks to his resounding career as a professional fisherman. Well, his profession isn't the most talked-about one or the one with much glamour, but exposure in television did help him make a name for himself.

Ott's introduction would be incomplete without mentioning how he got the opportunity to become a part of 'Wicked Tuna.' 

TJ Ott might be keeping himself physically busy with his works on his Hot Tuna submarine, but that hasn't been an adequate help in his health. Going into the appearances, the 40-year-old's weight has been massively talked about in recent times. While people love him soundlessly for his works in the National Geography channel, he often gets body-shamed with comments as 'fat.' 

Stay right here as we bring you all the exclusive details about his health and weight concerns.

TJ Ott Lost Immense Weight Recently

Before and after picture of TJ Ott.

TJ Ott used to weigh around 374 pounds before his weight loss.
Photo Source: Weight And Skin

Getting into enormous fame through National Geography might have helped TJ Ott get a lot conscious about his health. Prior to his health concerns, the commercial fisher used to weigh around 374 lbs, which is a lot for someone of his age. His fat weight was quite evident in front of the cameras, and many people even categorized him through his physical appearance.

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Maybe it was his self-consciousness and concerns towards health, which inspired TJ Ott to go through a weight loss pursuit. It might have been the fact how he was getting fat and fatter, which helped him realize how he was prone to health risks. The National Geography artist was dead serious on his approach to losing weight that helped him to drop a significant amount of pounds.

TJ Ott poses for a picture.

TJ Ott rose to fame from appearing in 'Wicked Tuna.'
Photo Source: The Celebs Info

Losing weight wasn't easy for TJ Ott, but he did get successful in the end. Over the course of the past few years, he went on an intensive diet schedule. Not just that, the fisherman also burnt the midnight oil by going to the gym and working out almost every day. As per estimates, he managed to lose around 63-68 pounds following his weight-loss campaign.

TJ Ott: Famous From Wicked Tuna

There was no way a fisherman like TJ Ott would be famous if it weren't for his works in the National Geography channel. The entire lifestyle of the commercial fisherman started to change when he joined the cast of 'Wicked Tuna' in its third season. In fact, the athlete even participated in 'Wicked Tuna Outer Banks.' 

TJ Ott poses for a picture.

TJ Ott managed to drop around 70 pounds in his weight loss journey.
Photo Source: Gossip 

Getting to know about his background, TJ Ott was born in a fishing family with his father, Tim as a commercial fisherman himself in Glouchester.  It was from there that he developed his interests and learned fishing skills. Interestingly, he was just 12 years old when he caught his first Bluefin Tuna. 

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TJ Ott's primary source of finances comes from his fishing career. Many of his followers remain fond of how the artist sails on his popular boat named 'Hot Tuna.'

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