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Hugh Jackman Talks Quarantine and ‘The Music Man’ Revival

Published Thu Apr 23 2020 By Eden
Hugh Jackman Talks Quarantine and ‘The Music Man’ Revival

Hugh Jackman talks about the upcoming revival of 'The Music Man' amid coronavirus quarantine.

The future of Broadway remains in the uncertain territory while the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc all over New York City. Earlier this month, The Broadway League theatres announced they would remain shut until at least June 7.

If the date does not get further postponed, the producers of the revival of 'The Music Man' might intend to begin rehearsals three weeks later. The 'Wolverine' star Hugh Jackman is set to star in the Broadway production with Sutton Foster.

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Speaking on the iHeart podcast, Jackman said:

I speak with [producer] Scott Rudin every other day, and we're due to start rehearsals on June 29, and that hasn't changed. Our first preview is September 15. But of course, we'll have to see what happens. But at present, that's still the plan.

The two times Tony winner, who hosted the Broadway's biggest night on four occasions, noted 16 productions were in line for 2020 Tony eligibility prior to COVID-19. Meanwhile, the Tony Awards are officially postponed with no confirmation yet on whether it will be completely canceled or see a new date in the near future.

Jackman said, "What most people don't understand is that it probably [takes] seven years to get to their first preview. I know what it takes to get a musical up and running and going, the amount of work that goes into it. It's just devastating."

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The actor is currently spending quarantine with his kids and wife Deborra-Lee Furness in their New York City apartment. Following the stay-at-home orders, the entire family is expending a lot of time performing jigsaw puzzles and cooking in the kitchen.

'The Greatest Showman' star appeared particularly proud of his low-carb bread. "[It] sounds really bad, right? It sounds like what's the point? And I have tried it a couple of times when I've been on Wolverine diets…but I had someone in my house who's like, 'I'm trying to eat less carbs.' I'm like, okay, let's have a look. And I found this thing and it was actually yummy."

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Besides 'The Music Man,' Jackman is promoting his recent film based on true events called 'Bad Education.' The story revolves around the district superintendent Frank Tassone played by Hugh Jackman, who along with the members of his staff rob millions from school until the students at a high school newspaper on Long Island discover their misappropriate endeavors.

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