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'I am Jesus Christ' is Coming to Steam - What Can We Expect?

Published Mon Dec 09 2019 By Chester
'I am Jesus Christ' is Coming to Steam - What Can We Expect?

You can now be Jesus! Perceive and play levels according to the chapters of the Bible.

The gaming industry, which for a long time has been a keen interest to many, especially to the younger generations, is up with a brilliant idea, 'I am Jesus Christ.'

As we often hear the negative impacts of gaming, especially to the younger generations citing their reading habits to less outdoor activities, the new concept by SimulaM is sure to change the perception of people towards how they see gaming now and after. 

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Games like 'Grand Theft Auto' to the recent 'Pub G' has not just made people engaged for hours but also shown many possibilities the world could utilize via gaming.

In a similar fashion, the new 'I am Jesus Christ' is a must try to all game lovers as well as an excellent way to keep upcoming generations updated about their culture and religion in an intriguing manner.

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The game developed by SimulaM will be available on Steam - a video game digital distribution service creative video game company popular for their groundbreaking games like Counter-Strike:GO, Rust, and Team Fortress.

The gaming company shares synopsis related to the game, sharing

Become Jesus Christ, the famous man on Earth - in this highly realistic simulation game. Pray like Him for getting superpower, perform famous miracles like Him from Bible like casting demons, healing and feeding people, resurrection and more in "I am Jesus Christ.

Sounds fascinating, isn't it? Well, the new concept is actually a creative and practical way to narrate the tales of Holy Bibles in a fun and practical way, i.e. actually living the life of Jesus.

Talking about the gameplay, players will be progressing the levels as per the Bible chapters; for instance, chapters like 'Jesus Is Crucified,' where you can actually live the life of Jesus over the period.

Gameplay view from Jesus being Crucified.

Gameplay Snippet view of Jesus being Crucified. 

Steam is not the first one to come up with this as popular gaming trademark Minecraft Gaming previously came up with the idea from their Bible for Minecrafters.

In the game, you will have magical powers like Jesus, where you will clear all the negative energies and fight for peace. So ready to spread peace, happiness and help people in need being a Jesus. 

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