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Inside the Love Story: Taylor Lewan's Wife and Their Relationship

Published Mon Jan 08 2024 By Bsgurung
Inside the Love Story: Taylor Lewan's Wife and Their Relationship

Taylor Lewan, the former American football player drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2014, has a successful career marked by accolades. His wife, Taylin Gallacher, is a 27-year-old former model, philanthropist, and animal advocate from Canada. 

The couple engages in charity work in Nashville, both individually and through an organization co-founded by Taylin and her friend. The family includes two daughters, aged 6 and 3, showcasing their commitment to both sports and philanthropy.

Taylin Gallacher and Taylor Lewan Love Story

Taylor Lewan and wife Taylin Gallacher's love story began with a chance meeting in Arizona, as hinted in a Valentine's Day post from 2023. The couple met 10 days before Valentine's Day in 2016, leading to a whirlwind romance. 

Taylin Gallacher Children
Image: Taylin Gallacher with her husband, Taylor Lewan, and their two kids. Source; Instagram

Seven years later, Taylor expressed his love and appreciation for Taylin, reflecting on their journey from that first meeting to engagement in Arizona. 

They tied the knot in Big Sur in July 2018, with their youngest daughter present and another on the way. In 2018, Taylin shared a heartfelt Instagram post detailing their struggles with Taylor's severe concussion in 2017, showcasing their enduring bond.

Taylin Gallacher and Taylor Lewan Share Two Beautiful Children

Celebrating over five years of marital bliss, Mr. and Mrs. Lewan have nurtured a profound understanding and strong bond. Their journey is adorned with two beautiful daughters, Wyne Rebel Lewan (born 2017) and Willow Lewan (born 2020), showcasing a three-year age gap. 

Embracing parenthood, the couple prioritizes their children's well-being, sharing glimpses of their family life on social media. With a commitment to care and love, the Lewans navigate the joys and challenges of raising their two daughters, creating a warm and loving family environment for their growing brood.

Taylin Gallacher is a Supportive Wife

In October 2022, Taylor Lewan faced another health challenge, undergoing surgery. Taylin, his wife, posted a touching photo with their daughters, Wynne Rebel Lewan and Willow Lewan, expressing gratitude for the support received during this time. 

She mentioned awaiting Taylor's recovery, acknowledging the kindness of those who reached out, even if she couldn't respond promptly. 

The post reflected the couple's resilience in confronting health issues together and the supportive community surrounding them during challenging moments.

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Her husband, Taylor Lewan is a Former NFL Star

Taylor Lewan, born on July 22, 1991, is a retired American football offensive tackle who made a significant impact during his professional career. 

Taylor Lewan Career
Image: Taylor Lewan during his NFL career. Source: Facebook

Known for his athleticism, tenacity, and skill, Lewan began gaining attention in college before being drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2014. His career flourished as he earned accolades and became a key player for the Titans. 

Beyond the gridiron, Lewan is notable for his engaging personality and active presence on social media, offering fans glimpses into his life, philanthropic efforts, and family. The seasoned athlete's journey reflects both on-field success and personal resilience.

Taylor Lewan Announced His Retirement

Taylor Lewan, drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the 2014 NFL Draft, signed a lucrative four-year contract. In his rookie year, he made the PFWA All-Rookie team. The 2015 season saw him as the starting left tackle, enduring a challenging 3-13 record. 

From 2016 to 2018, Lewan excelled, earning Pro Bowl selections and becoming the highest-paid offensive lineman in NFL history with a $80 million extension. 

Despite injuries, including a concussion in 2018 and a torn ACL in 2020, he continued to contribute. However, in 2022, a knee injury led to his release from the Titans, prompting contemplation of retirement.

Taylin Lewab is a Former Model

Embarking on her modeling career at the tender ages of 17 to 18, Taylin initially graced renowned brands such as Calvin Klein. However, she soon encountered challenges in the modeling world, prompting a realization that this path did not align with her true calling. 

Transitioning away from modeling, Taylin discovered her passion for animal advocacy and dedicated herself to aiding those grappling with homelessness and hunger in Nashville. 

This commitment materialized through her philanthropic organization, Feeding Nashville, where she channels her efforts into making a meaningful impact on the lives of both animals and individuals facing societal challenges.

A Wonderful Message to Loved Ones

Taylin, expressing profound love and gratitude, has shared heartfelt messages to her husband, Taylor Lewan, on social media. Celebrating his birthday in 2017, she thanked him for their daughter, laughter, and newfound happiness. 

Taylin Gallacher husband
Image: Taylin Gallacher with her spouse, Taylin Lewan at the event together. Source: Pinterest

Capturing tender family moments, Taylin posted images of Taylor cuddling their baby, reading bedtime stories, and enjoying outings with their daughters, portraying a serene family life amidst the excitement of Taylor's high-profile sports career. 

The Lewans, seemingly having mastered the art of simplicity and tranquility, radiate joy and togetherness, offering a glimpse into their harmonious life beyond the spotlight of professional sports.

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