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Iron Man 3 Star Sheds Light On Harley's Thoughts In Avengers: Endgame Funeral Scene

Published Mon Jun 03 2019 By David
Iron Man 3 Star Sheds Light On Harley's Thoughts In Avengers: Endgame Funeral Scene

Iron Man 3 star reveals what Harley was thinking in Avengers: Endgame funeral scene.

After the portals scene, "Tony Stark’s" funeral is perhaps the second most star-studded moment in Avengers: Endgame. The scene includes just about anybody, but the one outlier is "Harley Keener," aka The Kid From Iron Man 3. Ty Simpkins refilled in his role for the scene, which was a momentous occasion for the actor, who took his real-life love for Iron Man and used it to propel his acting.

Fans were likely surprised to see Harley Keener in the funeral scene, but even Simpkins was stunned to get the call. He as of late discussed the minute he originally got breeze when he was in thought to show up in Endgame, and how Iron Man implied such a great amount to him as a child.

Ty Simpkins talks what his character Harley was feeling in that final scenes in Avengers: Endgame.
Source: IMDB 

Simpkins said; "I was about to do an audition and my manager at the time called me and he said they were thinking about putting me in, and I was screaming so much in the car with my mom. My mom is like, 'What? What is it?' And I just didn’t tell her because it wasn’t confirmed."

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Originally, Endgame’s director, The Russo Bros. were concerned about having older teen Harley to appear in that scene because barely anyone in the test audiences was aware of who he was. However, the helmsmen figured that easter eggs like this were half the fun of the MCU and decided to keep Harley in the scene anyway.

That was obviously good news for Ty Simpkins. He told HuffPost what filming the scene was like and what his character Harley was thinking during the funeral.

Ty Simpkins appeared as Harley in Iron Man 3.
Source: Insider 

Simpkins said he didn’t get a script and was just told to feel how much Tony meant to his character. The 17-year-old added 'Tony was the only father figure the kid had in Iron Man 3 and that was really something sentimental to Harley.'   

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Ty Simpkins said he and Robert Downey Jr. have kept in touch over the years, and they texted after it was revealed that Ty would have a cameo in Endgame. He shared it felt nice to be included for RDJ's final goodbye.

Ultimately, Harley does feel like a pretty unexpected inclusion for the scene, seeing as how he has never been mentioned once since his appearance in Iron Man 3. This has led some fans to speculate that Marvel is setting Harley up for future projects, possibly as a new Iron Man-esque hero or being in a Next-Gen Avengers-style team-up movie. Even the actor was very positive about the possibility when approached by the same topic.