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Is Laura Ingraham Currently Married? A Deep Dive into Her Love Life

Published Thu Dec 07 2023 By Bsgurung
 Is Laura Ingraham Currently Married? A Deep Dive into Her Love Life

Laura Ingraham, born on June 19, 1963, is a prominent American television and radio host, political commentator, and bestselling author. With a law degree from the University of Virginia, Ingraham initially practiced law before venturing into media. 

She gained widespread recognition as the host of the nationally syndicated radio program, "The Laura Ingraham Show," addressing conservative viewpoints. Ingraham's television career soared with her own Fox News Channel show, "The Ingraham Angle," where she delves into political analysis, interviews, and commentary. 

Take A Look into Laura Ingraham's Relationships So Far

Laura Ingraham celebrated for her media career, faced romantic turbulence with on-and-off relationships. Initially linked to broadcaster Keith Olbermann, their connection proved fleeting. 

Laura Ingraham children
Image: Host, Laura Ingraham with her three kids together. Source: Briefly

She later found romance with former New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli, yet the relationship encountered challenges. Ingraham's engagement to Indian author Dinesh D’Souza held promise, but the union ultimately dissolved, leaving the couple separated. 

Despite her triumphs in the media landscape, Ingraham's journey witnessed fluctuating romantic endeavors, marked by relationships with Olbermann, Torricelli, and an engagement to D’Souza, each contributing to the varied chapters of her love life.

Previously Engaged to James V. Reyers

In April 2005, Laura Ingraham shared news of her engagement to businessman James V. Reyers

However, their plans took an unexpected turn when she had to call off the engagement due to complications arising from her battle with breast cancer. On April 26, 2005, Ingraham underwent surgery to address the challenges posed by breast cancer. 

Laura Ingraham is a Mother of Three Kids

Despite not getting married, Laura Ingraham embraced motherhood as a single parent, choosing to adopt three children. In May 2008, she welcomed Maria Caroline from Guatemala into her family. 

Subsequently, Ingraham expanded her family by adopting 13-month-old Michael Dmitri from Russia in July 2009, followed by another adoption from Russia in June 2011—13-month-old Nikolai Peter

Ingraham's journey as a single adoptive parent showcases her commitment to motherhood, providing a loving home for her three adopted children from different parts of the world, underscoring the diverse and meaningful tapestry of her family life.

Her Career Highlights

Laura Ingraham, a prominent media figure, has had three distinct phases as a cable television host. Beginning in 1996 on MSNBC, she later became a CBS commentator and hosted the program Watch It! on MSNBC. 

In 2008, Fox News Channel gave her a trial run for the show Just In, leading to her current role as the host of The Ingraham Angle since October 2017. 

Additionally, Ingraham has a notable career in radio, launching The Laura Ingraham Show in 2001, which became one of America's top-rated programs. She also co-founded the conservative website LifeZette in 2015, selling the majority stake to The Katz Group in 2018.

Life as a TV Host

Laura Ingraham, known for her provocative style, has stirred controversy with her conservative views. Initially a cable TV host on MSNBC and CBS, she later found success on Fox News with "The Ingraham Angle" in 2017. 

In the realm of politics, Ingraham has been critical of immigration, expressed anti-immigration sentiments, and opposed comprehensive reform. Her views on homosexuality evolved, influenced by her brother's battle with AIDS. 

Ingraham staunchly supports Donald Trump, served as an informal advisor during his presidency, and propagated conspiracy theories post-January 6 Capitol attack. She has also faced backlash for promoting unproven COVID-19 treatments and engaging in cyberbullying controversies.

Author of Six Books

Laura Ingraham's book "Billionaire at the Barricades" (2017) examines Donald Trump's 2016 election victory, framing it as a continuation of a populist revolution initiated by Ronald Reagan. Ingraham attributes Trump's success to his alignment with working-class sentiments, drawing parallels to Reagan's appeal.

The book delves into the dynamics of the election, portraying it as a manifestation of a populist movement with historical roots. Ingraham's analysis suggests that Trump's victory reflects a broader trend in American politics, positioning him as a figure connecting with the working class in the same vein as Reagan did in the past.

Laura Ingraham's Net Worth in 2023

As of 2023, Laura Ingraham boasts a net worth estimated at around $40 million, earning an impressive annual salary of $15 million as one of the highest-paid hosts on Fox News. 

Laura Ingraham host
Image: TV Host and Author, Laura Ingraham giving speech. Source: Time

In 2014, she invested in a property in McLean, Virginia, acquiring a 7,869-square-foot residence on 2.1 acres for $1.6 million. By 2020, the property's value had appreciated to $3.3 million, reflecting Ingraham's financial success and astute real estate investments.

Social Media Appearances

Laura Ingraham commands a substantial social media presence with more than 1.3 million followers on Facebook and over 4.2 million followers on Twitter. 

Additionally, her YouTube channel has garnered approximately 3.1k subscribers. This accomplished personality's reach extends across various platforms, showcasing a significant and engaged online audience.

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