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Is Stephanie Abrams Married Or Divorced In 2021?

Published Mon Mar 08 2021 By Bran
Is Stephanie Abrams Married Or Divorced In 2021?

Know all about the relationship status and personal life of  'The Weather Channel' co-host Stephanie Abrams. 

Television meteorologist Stephanie Abrams probably needs no introduction since she has been around the glamour and showbiz work featuring in 'The Weather Channel' for around seventeen years. Furthermore, the 42-year-old continues to build on her already great resume as the co-host of AMHQ: America's Morning Headquarters' which airs every morning from 6 to 10 a.m. The charming diva shares the spotlight alongside fellow journalists like Jen Carfagno and Jim Cantore.

Millions of Fans know the meteorologist; from her charming personality to her beautiful face, people are attracted to Stephanie. As such, the man to call Abrams his wife is undoubtedly lucky. Yes, The Weather Channel meteorologist is a married woman!

Stephanie Abrams' Married Life: A One-Time Divorcee 

Renowned TV meteorologist Stephanie Abrams's love life has been highly talked about recently. Not many realize that the weather presenter is a divorced woman with severe heartbreak. While you remain impatient to know her ex-husband's name, the television star was married to a guy named Mike Bettes.

Stephanie Abrams caught on camera while reporting the weather.
'The Weather Group' meteorologist Stephanie Abrams was married to Mike Bettes in 2000.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Stephanie and her ex-husband Mike Bettes exchanged their vows way back in 2000. None know how the pair first crossed paths or fell in love, as they kept their romantic history under the radar. Following their marriage, the television star couldn't make their romantic connection work, as they parted ways in 2009. Mike was also a meteorologist who worked at CNN. 

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Not many realize why Stephanie Abrams and her former spouse, Mike Bettes, split up with a divorce. Following that, her romantic life has been pretty silent, or a mystery, until a few years ago, when she found love again.

Stephanie Abrams Is Engaged 

The past few years in Stephanie Abrams' life have been really good, not because she has been making big endeavors in her professional life but also because she is taking into account what's going on in her one. She started dating Liann Freeman in 2016, and that affair went on to become a serious one in a short time. 

Stephanie Abrams, engaged to her boyfriend, went on a tour in Peru.
Stephanie Abrams, engaged to her boyfriend, went on a tour in Peru. 
Source: Instagram

Stephanie Abrams got engaged to her boyfriend, Liann Freeman, on February 20, 2017, a week after Valentine's Day. She revealed the good news on her Instagram and Facebook handles. The same year, she took her fiancé to work and later posted a picture stating, "Take Your Husband To Work Day!" on Facebook

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Surprisingly, it's been years, but the duo hasn't married yet. Let's hope that the pair get close to finding a wedding date pretty soon. But even without the wedding ceremony, Stephanie and her beau share the companionship of a married couple!

Stephanie Abrams started her career over two decades ago! What's Stephanie's net worth?

Having worked in television since 2000, there is no doubt that Stephanie Abrams amasses millions of fan-following across the United States! For her years of work, Stephanie currently calls an estimated $3 million as her net worth.

Stephanie Abrams poses for a picture in an orange dress.
One-time divorcee Stephanie Abrams started her journalism career in 2000.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Get up early to know about the weather reports in the morning, and Abrams is there to fill you in. With her dedication to craft, it's a no-brainer that Abrams holds a vast fortune. 

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